How Far Along When You Saw A Heartbeat For The First Time

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Nicole - August 29

I had a ultrasound at 6 weeks...they saw a gestational sac a yolk sac and no heartbeat yet. I am going back on Friday to have another ultrasound. I am very nervous since I had a missed miscarriage last month and got pregnant before my first cycle. I have read many things about at 6 weeks you should see a it is ok if you don't. I just wanted to see what women on this site had experienced. Friday is along way away and I would love to hear if someone else didn't see a heartbeat the first u/s that saw one later.


Deborah - August 29

Nichole, at my 6 week u/s we were only able to see the sac, yolk and possibly the fetal pole. I have read that can be normal, so I keep telling myself that. I go in for my 8 week u/s on Wednesday. Here's hoping we both see our bean's hb.


Nicole - August 29

Deborah, I would love to hear what happens on Wed...good luck! I have heard about the fetal pole what is the difference between the fetal pole and heartbeat?


Jessica - August 29

The fetal pole is actually the medical term for baby. When you see the fetal pole, you are looking at your little son/daughter and the heartbeat will be inside flashing on the screen. Hope that helps! Oh yeah, you will be fine. Dont stress about it because it was probablly just to early and maybe your dates are off.


marlene - August 29

i saw my baby's heartbeat at 10wks it was my first u/s. hope that helps !good luck


Sara - August 29

Hi I just saw my babys heart beat at 8 wks it was so amazing we even saw the little shadow of it flipping about they saw it without the internal but was even more clear with the internal


Deborah - August 30

I will keep you posted. Waiting these last 2 weeks have been really hard! I am glad the day is almost here where I hopefully will find out if all is well or not. The only thing keeping me going is having my morning/all day sickness get worse anw waorse as the weeks pa__sed which they say is a good sign (although thoroughly unpleasant!). The other thing is, I have read that in some cases, some women don't even see the hb until 10 weeks. Tilted uterus, low sensitivity ultrasound machines, and/or just dumb bad luck prevented them from seeing it. I didn't know that about the fetal pole, I thought it was just the cord connected to the sac/yolk. Good to know. I hope that was what we saw (the tech and doctor were unsure) and that it was just too early to get the hb movement. At any rate, will know by tomorrow.


Kel - August 30

Hi, I just saw my baby's heartbeat yesterday, at 9 weeks, 1 day. I just saw it fluttering about, it was so cute. I also had a ultrasound at 6 weeks, 4 days and just saw the little spot but not heartbeat, so I wouldn't be worried. I go back in 4 weeks and he said at that appointment I will be able to hear the heartbeat! (he said you can hear it after 12 weeks). But of course, I'm sure everyone is differrent. Good Luck!


Nicole - August 31

Deborah good luck today. I will say a little prayer for you and you little one. Please let us know. I go in Friday for my u/s


Heather - August 31

I just had my second ultrasound at 8 weeks and 1 day and I saw the heartbeat, at 6 weeks there was nothing there. I wouldn't wprry, everything will work out ok, you are so early, you'll see it!


Ca__sie - August 31

I was able to our baby's heartbeat at 9 weeks. Didn't do an ultrasound before then.


Deborah - August 31

Nichole, had the u/s today and we saw the little one and the heartbeat. They say it is very common to not see it at 6 weeks. What happened to us was we were too early and turns out only now are we in the 7 weeks. They don't kid about that 5 day give or take window. I am praying that your little one is seen as well this Friday. I have faith you will! Please let us know :)


Nicole - August 31

Deborah, I am so happy for you. Is this your first pregnancy? Why did they give you an u/s so early? I can not wait until have given me hope. Take care of youself.


Mich - August 31

Good luck to everyone who is still waiting to see their little one! I saw my baby's heartbeat at 5.1 weeks. I thought I was 5.6 until I had the US. The baby was so small I couldnt really see him but I could see a little flicker which was his heart. I am 10.1 weeks now and have my next US in a couple of weeks.


Deborah - September 1

I am glad I my story brings you hope! I bet due to your circ_mstances your cycle was a bit off. That is what they think happened to me (ovulated 3-4 weeks after LMP). The reason they did the u/s so early was I was having pain in the left area of my uterus/tubes. Turned out I had a ruputured cyst, but they wanted to rule out ectopic pregnancy so they have been monitoring me since. I don't think I will be having another u/s now for quite awhile since they saw it and have ruled out ectopic.


Angela - September 1

Nicole - At nearly 6 weeks I had an ultrasound and there was a heartbeat but it was very slow. The doctor said "it's 50-50 chance that it's a viable pregnancy". I wanted to die. I didn't like the doctor anyway, so I found a new doctor and got an ultrasound a week later and the heartbeat was there and pumping at a normal rate. My doc said that 6 weeks is pretty early and the heart could have just started beating which is why it was so slow. So, anyway, go back in a week and hopefully it will all be fine.


Tamara - September 1

8w3d and saw the heartbeat...little one moved a tiny bit's amazing!



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