How Far Am I Please Advise

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rj_80 - March 11

Right - the first day of my last period was 2nd feb. I thought that this would make me 5weeks and 2 days preggers today (Sunday 11th March). However, my husband is convinced that I'm 6w2d. His arguement is that day 1 starts as week1 according to the books that we have and that since my last period was 6 weeks ago I'm 6 weeks prego. My arguement is that day 1 is day 1 and week 1 starts on the 7th day. Does any of this make sense? Is anyone able to tell me how far along I am!!! He says that this also answers why I was able to test so early and get a positive result (on the (25th Feb) - I was a week further than I thought. Also am I right that I'll be 'due' on the 9th of November. I'll be so excited if he's right but now I'm totally confused!! Many thanks, RJ_80.


heather28 - March 11

According to the pregnancy due date calculators you are 5w2d today. But as you are probably aware this might change with your first ultrasound. Example, my lmp was Dec 18 which would make me 11w 6d, but according to my ultrasound I am only 10w 5d. You can Google pregnancy calculator and pick one to use. They usually tell you possible date of conception as well as possible due date. Also it depends on what kind of test you used. First Response tells you 5 days sooner than your missed period b/c it picks up lower levels of HCG. Hope this helped. Good Luck!


rj_80 - March 11

Thanks! I knew that I hadn't got it wrong this time! I'm not very good at maths and we keep reading lots of conflicting information. And, yes, I knew that it could change with the ultrasound but that isn't for ages! I am so impatiant...! Oh, and with regards to pg tests - I used about 4 different types just to confim they were all correct. I want this so so so much! Good luck to you with your pregnancy.


kerryv - March 11

you are right- you start at day 0, 1, 2, 7 = 1 week. check out and you can print out a daily countdown sheet.


moescrilla - March 11

yes -- you are right.



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