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Rhonda - June 25

Hello ladies,i just thought it would be nice to start a thread so we can all tell each other how we have been feeling with pregnancy symptoms,and maybe compare.I will start i am 30yrs old this is my fifth pregnancy(not counting 3 m/c)and i am probably 4-5wks preggers.So far i have been feeling really nauseas and my bb's hurt alot,plus i feel sooo freakin gassy and have back aches.hope to hear from you all soon.


sqeekers - June 25

Hi Rhonda, I am 33 and this is my 4th pregnancy not counting 1 m/c. I am 6.2 weeks, and for the most part have felt pretty good. I have morning sickness off and on for about 2 weeks now. My back is also killing me, and I have been incredibly ga__sy also. My bb's are hurting a little, and getting bigger every day. I am also starting to show already. None of my regular clothes fit right, so I guess I am going soon to start buying maternity clothes. I just feel a little wierd wearing them when I am this early. Are you showing yet?


dedaa - June 25

Hi Rhonda this is my third pregnancy and I am 23. I am about 6-7 weeks pregnant now and been feeling ok for the most part started getting my sore b___bs about three days ago now along with a bit of an upset stomach after the first meal of the day. Other than that I am feeling pretty good though getting anxious about what it will be like to take care of three. What is it like having 4 children?


Rhonda - June 25

Hello sqeekers and dedaa,it is so nice to have you both join not showing yet and im glad because i just got rid of all my maternity clothes(ohno)now im gonna need's great having kids,i would not change it for nothing.Iwant a big family.this will be my third c-section,im scared about that.And i have morning sickness most of the day,it makes me miserable.I never felt very sick with my other pregnancies.but they say no two pregnancies are the same.I get minor heartburn here and their,my last baby(chloe)i had severe heartburn with her and she had a full head of hair at birth.Once again i am so happy you both are joining this thread.


DownbutnotOUT - June 25

Hey Rhonda nice seeing you here. Well I am 26 and this is preggers #5, 3 healthy little ones and a previous m/c. than this little bun in my oven. Im about 5-6 weeks pregnant, according to online due date calculator. I have nausea, my b___bs are sore and very swollen, ga__sy, on and off back aches, and the nausea isnt too bad so far.


DownbutnotOUT - June 25

Rhonda dont woryr too much about the csection, I have had 3 so far but my first csection was the worst. With the third it was alittle more sore than my 2nd but they had to cut me longer with my third and I had some problems. I have never had an infection in my incision. If anyone ever want sto ask me something about multiple csections pls feel free ^_^


Rhonda - June 25

DownbutnotOut,im so happy you are joining in on this thread.How close were your c-sections?Mine have been 12 mos apart.And my dr made a second cut on my second c-section instead of recutting the first now i have two scars.


Seredetia - June 25

Hi ladies! I'm 24 and this is my first pregnancy (yeah!!). I'm a little over 6 weeks along (6w3d today!) and my bbs have already grown more than a cup size. I went from barely an A to almost a C. OUCH. They're sooooo sore. I've had the gas issues and a bit of bloating, but today was my first visit of morning sickness (even though I've been naseous)...I was brushing my teeth and couldn't finish. blech.


Rhonda - June 25

Seredetia welcome,Im jealous!my bb's never ever grow.I have alot of nausea,and also i have noticed that things that never made me gag,do now.Like someone eating with mouth open(never really bothered me before)And like b__wing my nose(eww)that gets to me now.Even food chewed up in my own mouth,just feeling it in there gets to me.My teeth have been really hurting me .Also my belly b___ton on the inside has been feeling sore,is that weird?A completely new feeling to me.I never even got to lose all the weight i wanted to from my last pregnancy(now i will have twice as much to lose)God,i was up at 3:00am this morning sitting on the toilet(tmi)leaned over with bad gas pains,i had to take a c___p,but i dont know if i was constipated or the gas being trapped in there was keeping me from pooping,then(tmi)i finally went and felt much better.I thought i was going to die.well im doing some laundrt tonight while it is cooled off in here.Our ac is broken so in the daytime it freakin gets hot in here.


DownbutnotOUT - June 26

Congrads Seredetia I am about 5 weeks 4 days! Rhonda my 2nd csection was 20 mths 1 week apart and 2nd and 3rd about 21 months apart. with my 2nd they recut my csection scare but with my third they cut me longer almost hip to hip and actually had to remove scar tissue to help sew me up. It was bad i was so swollen when they sewed me up and put stables in with my 3rd that by day 3 staples where hanging and falling out. blah.......I look forward to all us ladies going through pregnancy together! Best wishes all XoX


Rhonda - June 26

DownbutnotOut,Why did they have to cut you so much?Man that really sounds even more painfuller.My scar still burns,especially if i get sweaty there,like when i have s_x,i sweat right there at my scar and it starts burning.How is everybody else doing?


DownbutnotOUT - June 27

I was in labour with my DS for 33 hours and he wasent comming and I told the dr if he didnt get my son out now I would strangle him! Than with my second I was always in and out of the hospital with pain pain pain and it was when I started bleeding heavily towards my due date the did an emergency csection. they discovered that my scar that should have been about 2 cm thick was only 2 mm thick. They didnt recommend me having a third but she was a b/c accident but loved so very very very much. After 2 csections its almost madatory to have a repeat.


Rhonda - June 27

DownbutnotOut,That would really suck.I bet you were really scared.I hope this next one will be safer for you.I wish i would have never had to have a c-section in the first place,but my dd was too big to fit through the birth ca___l.then my dr said it would be safer to have a repeat c-section than a vbac,he is a dumb dr.My last baby only weighed 5lbs12oz,i could have had her v____ally no problem,and she was only 17in long.


ashleyd - June 28

Ashley, 21 yrs old, first baby (hey everyone from the other forum)... I'm wondering about mother had toxemia with me...but it only put her on bedrest for 3 fiance's mother went full b__wn and almost died from it...neither have BP issues that something that will seriously increase my risk of developing this with my baby?


Seredetia - June 28

ashleyd, I haven't heard of toxemia being genetic, but I have no idea. They say everyone is different, though, so I wouldn't think your chances would be much (if any) higher of getting it than anyone else without history. Sorry I'm not more helpful.


Rhonda - June 28

Ashleyd,Toxemia is also known as Preeclampsia,And generally occurs in first time pregnancies,the rate for develpoing it goes down much lower in second pregnancies and so forth.It is not inherited.But it dose start out when the placenta is being developed,but is usually not detected until much later in pregnancy.Your dr checks for signs at every visit.It can be very serious,but if you would develope it,your dr can get it under control with early detection.You will be okay.Well,i am trying to quit smoking.I am also out of cigerettes and i feel like im going nuts.How is everyone else doing?I think i am 5wks today(yah)I am hoping this one will be a boy,but i just have this feeling it is another girl.My last two were girls and i had that feeling about them as well.This will probably be my last pregnancy.How many more babies do you all want?


KimS - June 28

Hey Everyone Well I am 30, and 7 weeks 1 day with my first, I have m/s, no vomitting but nauseas 24/7 for about 1week now, I have gone up a cup size too!! from a B to a C and they are sore!!! I sleep in a sports bra!! fatigue is a definate issue for me too I am sleeping waaaay more than usual and I am bloated!!! So have you guys told anyone yet?? I've told 1 friend and my boss (had to because of the type of work I do) but that's it!! no one even konws we were ttc so they are going to be b__wn away!!



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