How Long After Implant Bleeding Did You Get A BFP

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vander - May 24

I think I experienced implantation bleeding yesterday. I had brown spotting and (thinking I was starting my period) put in a tampon. After 6 hours I took it out and there was nothing but a little brown discharge- since then no bleeding at all. I am currently on day 33 of my cycle, but have been having long cycles averaging 35-36 days. I am just curious- how long after implantation bleeding did you get a positive test result? I am thinking about testing tomorrow- day 35 of my cycle. Thank you!


Davida - May 24

I waited a week just because I wanted to be sure I could be confident in the positive result if I got one and I did! Good luck!


Justine - May 24

I did a test the day my period was due on the advice of my doctor and got a strong positive so day 35 should be fine. Good luck.


Rachel - May 24

I'm currently 6 weeks preg and had implantation bleeding. My cycles had been long for the last few months, too - about 33 days. It took about 12-13 days after the bleeding *started* to test positive. I initially tested too soon and a__sumed I wasn't pregnant! After 35 days I tested again and got a positive!


vander - May 24

Thanks everybody for your responses! This would be our first pregnancy and I am just so excited! I don't want to test too soon and get disappointed. I really think this could be it because I have never had any spotting at all. I would just be about a week late and then AF would come on strong. Last night before I went to bed I had cramping that lasted about 5 minutes. I thought- okay here it is, but today there is no signs of AF. = )


to rachel - May 24

I was just say that you waited 12-13 days after the bleeding started, what type or how heavy was your bleeding?


Rachel - May 25

My bleeding was very light, but pretty constant and mostly brown. It lasted about a week.


vanessa - May 25

I never had a drop of anything. I waited until my period was four days late before I tested. It was BFP right away. Good luck!!*****



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