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Cheryl - July 5

I was just wondering how many month it took everyone to get pregnant? My first pregnany which ended in m/c in April it only took us one cycle. We are currently on cycle number two of trying again


Q - July 5

I had a m/c in February, waited two periods, then started to try to conceive (although we didn't monitor temp or cm, just figured it would happen whenever). We conceived right away! I didn't expect to conceive that soon, but we're happy. I'm 9w4d along now and hoping for the best. Trying not to worry. Best wishes!


Kelly C - July 6

It took us 2 cycles to conceive. We used the Clear Blue Easy Ovulation Sticks during the 2nd cycle to pinpoint when I was going to O. It worked and I am so so happy. Good luck Cheryl, I hope everything works out for you!


cher - July 6

It took me 4 months to conceive, which unfortunately ended in m/c. Will start ttc again as soon as poss though. Good luck to all of you. x


rachel - July 6

But on the other side we tried once and it happened. No not one cycle, once. Hubby was very put out he wanted to try somemore ;¬). We waited 6 months after my m/c, the time was obviously right.


Jen - July 6

3 months.


Hanna - July 6

The first time it took us 4 months to conceive, but unfortunately that ended in a m/c. The second time we were very lucky because it happened at the 2 month of trying again already! I am now 12 wks and enjoying this experience!! (well.. the nausea isn't all that, but it comforts me in thinking that this time everything is going to be ok)


A - July 6

8 months


Jena - July 7

I got pregnant right away, so basically it only took one try. Again!!!


randi - July 7

started trying Feb.2005 and now 6weeks


louise - July 8

my first month i fell pregnant and m/c at 8 weeks, and its taken me 7 years from start of trying to fall again


Jess - July 8

We conceived on our second month of trying and I'm now 7 weeks


keed - July 9

I got pregnant right away the month we started the next month no period and am 13 weeks now


sabrina - July 10

my Dr. told me it would take about 18 months after getting off my birth control it took less than 6 months, a close friend of mine has been trying for 3 years and starts fertility drugs this month.


Jennifer - July 10

It took my husband and I the first 9 months we were married, before we found out we were finally going to have a just takes time sometimes.


bump - July 11



Rachel - July 13

It took us a full year, but we had male fertility issues - dh had surgery to correct varicoceles in August and we concieved in March. Of course some of those months we didn't really try b/c I was sick, or had a yeast infection. So really it was more like 6 months.



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