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alisonelecia - January 18

I got a bfp on Jan3, with last af on dec.4. I had a dr. appointment yesterday, so that would have put me at 6w3d. I had bloodwork done to get my hcg and progesterone levels. the annoying thing is that I keep calling and the lab tests aren't in. They say I can try back tomorrow afternoon and they may be in then. I desperately want to get these results since I lost my last pregnancy in November, so dh and I are very anxious to know how this one will work out. I have an u/s scheduled for next week, but I really wanted to get the bloodwork today. Did any of you experience this problem with bloodwork? I think this is all because my insurance now wont let me use Quest, I have to use LabCorp, and I think they may be slower. I'm so nervous because I don't have any of the symptoms that I had last time I was pregnant (no sore bbs, not hungry all the time). The only thing is that I'm tired all the time, which can also just be from the stress of life these days. Can any of you offer any advice? I have this horrible feeling that the results are in and the doctor is just waiting to call me and give me bad news. I could really use some reassurance. thank you.


kimberly - January 18

Oh, I am sorry to hear of your loss last time around! Because you lost your last doesn't at all mean you will have the same thing happen again. many women miscarry and then go onto have perfectly normal pregnancies later. I wouldn't stress about it. They probably really do not have the results yet. Sometimes the lab is backed up with other patients and it just takes a bit longer. Try not to fret about I am sure all is fine. I am 8 weeks and don't have many symptoms, I was sick all last week but am already feeling much better. Only weird thing I have going on is this constant annoying taste in my mouth. Hope you get your results soon and Good Luck!!



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