How Long Do You Wait To Tell Family

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mokanna - February 1

I'm about 7 weeks along.....I feel like I need to tell my family soon. My sisters and friends are social and talk about going and they will wonder why I'm not drinking! Also, I don't have the energy to go out very much right now, I'm sooo tired! Is it too early to tell my big news??!! I'm sure there is no right or wrong answer, but I know some people wait until after 12 weeks, is that correct?


jazminesmom - February 1

i personally told my family as soon as i found out. with my daughter it was at 5 weeks, and with this one i found out at 4 weeks. yeah i worried about a miscarriage but i figured if it happens then i have the love and suport of the family. i have a crazy 2 year old daughter and 31weeks preggo with my little boy.


Swashey - February 1

I found out at 5 wks and only waitin till I got off of work so they knew almost as soon as I did. Just like jazminesmom I thought of the support just in case I needed it!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 1

I found out at 4w...but I had to tell by 6w everyone knew


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 1

My initial plan was to wait 12w...but my mom knows everything


anamariaflorencia - February 1

I found out at 3 weeks and 5 days and waited until 6 weeks to tell the immediate families...but only because it was christmas and I thought it would be an appropriate time. Otherwise I probably would have told them at the earliest time I could get face to face with them. We decided to wait to tell others until the 2nd trimester but it's been hard. I tell people when I really feel like it, or when they see me puke and wonder why I'm never feeling well. But there are still some that don't know and I'm waiting still. Read my VENT about professionalism at work. Anyway, I would tell people on a need to know basis and if you think your friends will notice something is up, you should probably go ahead and tell them...or maybe not all of them but the a few that can cover for you with the rest of them?


llukenjess - February 1

they SAY 12 weeks just in case you misscarry, but if that (god forbit) you would want the support of your family and friends! Spill your guts girll!! tell all!! I told everyone as soon as i found out the first time i was preggo and then misscarried...the support i received was incredable. This time around i found out when i was 4 weeks and told everyone....i'm 6w4d



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