How Long Is The Transition From Quot Feeling Quot To Quot Looking Quot Preg

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Karen - September 11

I know every pregnancy/woman is different, but I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out how long the transition is between feeling and looking pregnant? Right now I am not able to wear my regular sized pants - I can get the zipper done up but forget the button or clasp. And of course the butt area is a bit tight now too. But - maternity pants as comfortable as they are, i.e .the jeans still look a bit big. Right now I am using an elastic to keep my pant tabs together so I don't pop the zipper...its really quite embarrassing...not to mention regular sized tops do not do because they are not long enough to keep from hiding the zipper and well I certainly drown in my maternity tops...its such an awkard stage - can anyone related and if anyone can help me sort how long this transition will this point I just want look pregnant so maternity clothes look the way - I'm only just coming up to 10 weeks! Is this too early..?


Mary - September 12

I'm almost 11 weeks and I'm starting to look pregnant. My jeans absolutely don't fit anymore and now my sweats are getting tight. I wear alot of my b/f's clothes now, they help lol. I would recommend just going to wal-mart of the Salvation Army and getting cheap sweats b/c you will start buying maternity clothes before long, but I know your old clothes are really uncomfortable. Good luck!


Anna - September 12

I've been to JC Penney and Walmart and found some really cute boot cut maternity jeans and cords that are meant to fit you when you are small or large. Also, check out motherhood. They have some adorable clothes. Hope you find something!


BB - September 12

I'm in week # 10 and although I haven't gained a lot, maybe 3 lbs, I constantly feel bloated. My pants are starting to feel tight and uncomfortable. I'm thinking of going to Old Navy. You can see their maternity stuff online on their website. I wouldn't spend a lot on maternity clothes since you only wear them for a few months.


Ashley - September 12

I'm almost 17w (I visit here from the second trimester board occasionally) and I've only gained about 8 lbs. Which is ok, but even though it is all in my stomach, it isn't the little preggo belly I want *sniff*! Dh took me to Walmart for some sweats and I have always wore his shirts even though I swim in them, so that's what I'm doing for the moment ... It looks like I'm wearing large, shapless shirts when I wear maternity b/c my belly doesn't stick out far enough!! I guess maybe I should be happy I'm not enourmous already - I guess that's up ahead! *giggle* Hang in there!


Kelly - September 12

Hi, I'm in the same boat. I'm 11 weeks. I don't look pregnant right now, I just look fat. My husband says that I have a cute little pregnant stomach, but it just looks like a fat stomach to me. None of my jeans fit and I bought some maternity jeans thinking I would wear them, but I looked ridiculous, they were practically falling down. So I bought some pants in a size bigger and actually had some other that I had put away for a garage sale or something cause they used to be too big, but now they fit. I have gotten some cheap maternity shirts in a size smaller than I would normally wear from the clearance racks, and they seem to be OK. I haven't told anyone at work yet, so I'm sure they are wondering what is up with my new fasion sense!


Alysia - September 12

I'm waiting for the transition myself. I feel bloated all the time and I constantly try to search for my uterus LOL, trying to distinguish the "fat" from the baby ! I have to wear suits to work everyday (caual summer just ended) so for now I've been wearing dresses with a jacket. I want to avoid anything I have to zip and b___ton! Pantyhose are going to be an issue too, although I've worn a pair that isn't so bad right now. I'm looking forward to my belly- and I feel it there (probably just gas though)but no one can see it.


Jay - September 12

a good solution is you can get some very cute fleece or jersey cotton drawstring pants for like $9 and you can dress them up or down with a top and shoes. i am only 6 weeks and having the same problem. it's really hard cause I work in a professional office but no one knows I'm pregnant yet. So, I'm just getting fat :)


Amy - September 13

I am 10 weeks also. I just went to Old Navy over the weekend. They actually have a line that is for 1st and 2nd trimester. I got really cute capri's, skirts and jeans. They all look just like regular clothes. I was also told by the sales girl that they can size the regular line to match what the maternity sizes. The shirts are still a little to big so I bought shirts in regular clothes a size bigger then normal. Plus right now everything is on sale since they are starting to bring the fall and winter clothes out. Another thing the sales girl told me is that Old Navy puts 60% of the main styles into maternity. Hope this helps.


Lena - September 14

I'm nearly 10 wks right now and bloated up immediately btwn wks 4 and 5. I've stopped wearing my tighter waisted pants and am now sticking to my "fat" pants and leaving my shirts untucked. I can't say that I'm showing since my baby is only an inch, but I've never outgrown clothes this fast either. Last Thursday they opened an Old Navy in our town. I love that place!! As Amy mentioned, the maternity section has regular pants with the waists cut a little larger. I bought a few pairs and they've been a godsend. They don't look like maternity pants, which I live b/c I haven't told anyone at work. Nothing like flashing a maternity panel to let you boss know, right? I have to agree the maternity tops are too big at this point. Luckily Old Navy and Gap are carrying those camisole-like blouses right now. They are tighter across the bust and loose around the middle. I bought a few of these from the regular section and I should be able to wear them hopefully through my 2nd tri.


Tamisha - September 15

I am in the same boat! I am also 11 weeks preg. and feel extremely fat. My boyfriend swears I have a little belly but it just looks like a bunch of fat to me I can't wait until I actually have a nice round belly. NONE of my jeans fit me. All I wear are sweat pants, anf stretch fleece. I feel gross not pregnant, except for my baby's hb and all the symptoms. I had a doctors appt yesterday and asked the doctor when that would change and she said by the next time I come in at 15 weeks the baby should be just below my belly b___ton, and by 19 weeks I should have that perfectly round belly that I want.


Karen to Everyone - September 15

Hi ladies - I've been away since I first posted my question - so many thanks to all of you who replied. I too so want the round belly but think likely I will end up with two bumps! Oh well. I am coming to the end of my 10th week. I have worn a combination of maternity clothes and regular clothes over the week. Someone just yesterday during my business travel (who hadn't seen me in months) didn't realize I was pregnant - she thought either I was or had gained weight! I was kind of insulted. Again oh well. I liked what many of you said - its about having a healthy baby. So I'm gonna make do - let things happen as they should - try to be comfortable when I can - spend a few bucks on maternity clothes where necessary and incorporate some walking into my days once I am feeling better. Three airplanes and four hours later (today) - I'm not feeling so hot - so forget the exercise today - need some rest and want the room to stop twirling! Haha. Hope the nausea goes away - just when I thought I had it licked! Oh - I do think my belly grew in a good way over the past couple of days - regular pants that have some stretch no longer do the job! So my body must be getting ready to "show off" the baby soon! Whahoo! Keep me posted ladies how things are going for you all as it seems many of us are around the same stage of pregnancy - and those ladies above and beyond - your knowledge of our futures is really helpful! Take care all!


11 wks & counting - September 16

Right there with you!! Maternity clothes make me look a lot further along, whereas regular sizes are awkward and a lil ill fitting. I just bought a size up in shirts and am using a rubber band looped thru the b___ton hole and around the b___ton(a tip from my aunt) of my pants/jeans.



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