How Long To Get Pregnant

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Rekcus - February 1

I know this may be a stupid question, but how long did it take you to get pregnant?? I've just started TTC in January, but no luck so far. I've bought OPKs so help me out. Also, is there anything you can eat or vitamins to take that increases fertility?? Thanks for indulging me in my questions!


Tammy276 - February 1

no matter what kind of vitamins you take, it can increase your are more likely to get pregnant if you are healthy than if you are not healthy...they suggest taking a prenatal before you plan on becoming pregnant to aid with that. Some people are lucky and get pregnant right away, but remember, it can take the average healthy couple with no fertility issues up to a year to become don't stress if it doesn't happen right away.... I had a m/c back in January of 06 and got pregnant again in june and am now 32 weeks and almost ready to have my little girl.


ROBYN - February 1

we were only successful with IVF we are now 12 weeks pg on our 1st attempt. We also did Clomid for 4 months no luck. Some have it alot easier than others i wish you tons of luck.


kristie h - February 1

Hi I was on the pill for 3 months for hormone reasons then i had 1 cycle off the pill then the 2nd cycle i got pregnant. There are some herbs and vitamins that may increase fertility: Evening primrose oil about 1000mg to 3000mg per day take the lowest dose and see how you go if need to be increased only go up to 3000mg. Be sure to stop raking evening primrose the day you ovulate as it causes the uterous to contract. Evening primrose oil is sued to increase fertility cervical mucous and many women swear by it. Vitamin B6 helps with the female hormone so that is also a pretty good one. When i was ttc the doctor suggested fish oil so i would suggest that one. Have alook on the net at the herbs and vitamins that i have suggested there is so much great info on these herbs/vitamins that you are looking for. On top of this take folate tablets and prentals as you NEED folate and the prentals have everything you need it for pregnancy and before conception. Good luck.


slackette - February 1

I have heard the same things as Kristie (with respect to the primrose and the B6). I highly reccomend the bood "Taking charge of your fertility". It gives some other great tips including vitamin A and a specific brand of Robitussin (both should increase fetile cervical fluid). Also, you can give your DH Arginine supplements to help increase sperm count. I swear by the book for both avoiding and TTC. I started TTC in October and I got a BFP in November. Good luck!!!!


Shannon - February 2

for my first baby, maybe 2 months. for this one much longer. but everyone is different. sometimes it just takes longer. good luck!


ginger6363 - February 2

It took us 9 months ttc (6 months charting and temping). I took no supplements other than a multivitamin.


ginger6363 - February 2

oh, btw. You might look into soy isoflavins. I heard the girls on the "signs of pregnancy" board on this site touting it's success in conception. Krissy over there should be able to answer your questions about it.


JulieK - February 2

With our first, we conceived the first month of trying, so we were very lucky. With this baby, we weren't trying, and my periods weren't back on track yet from b___stfeeding, and surprise. So again we were very lucky. But everyone is different. A good friend of mine from work tried for 5 years before she had her daughter, and my sister-in-law tried for 8 months before she had success. Best of luck to you.


punkyn - February 2

i never have to try long my hubby just looks at me and i'm pregnant!!!! hahahahahaha


Rekcus - February 2

Thank you for your suggestions everyone! I hope to be having some good news in the near future!!


tish - February 2

it took me 2 years to get pregnant. i was on depo prevara for a 1 1/2 before we started ttc and it really screwed up my reproductive system. i didnt end up having to take any fertility drugs to get pregnant, but i was taking vitex for 6 months on top of a load of other vitamins and accupuncture and meditation and extreme charting every little detail.


DDT - February 2

First baby...first month we tried (very lucky)...We are both 25 years old...I never took any vitamens pre-pregnancy...I am 38wks now...I don't think we will try again for our 2nd until baby is about 21/2-3 years old.


Mega - February 5

It took me over 2.5 years of TTC #1. We have male factor (low morphology) & female factor too, I have PCOS. We tried it all, clomid, injectibles, IUIs, IVF, etc. Our 2nd IVF I got pg, but sadly m/c at 7 weeks due to a blighted Ovum. That was in Dec. '06, 6 weeks after that I got pg on my own, no fertility treatments at all. Go figure! DH & I were so eager for AF to arrive so we could start IVF again & what do you know, I was actually pg. I'm 6 weeks now, & we saw the h/b last week. Very different from the last pg. You might want to chart BBT for a couple of months first, learn your body's natural patterns. Make sure you are definitely Oing, & are fairly regular. They say cutting caffeine helps too. And as the other posters said, definitely take your prenatals. Good luck! I hope you're one of the lucky ones who get pg soon. But as Tammy said, it can take 2 healthy people with no issues up to a year. So hang in there.



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