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jenn W - November 5

Hi Ladies, Can everyone tell me how many DPO you got a BFP? Also, if you got negatives before that can you let me know? Thanks! Jenn W


Sims1 - November 5

as early as 8 days post IUI. that was super exciting.


Whisper - November 5

Counting back from my u/s dating, my bfp would have been at 10dpo.


Whisper - November 5

Oh, and it was very faint. I confirmed it with a digital later that same day. The faint line was on an Answer brand early test. HTH.


jenn W - November 5

Thanks for your answers....I got a BFN yesterday, but then had some spotting later yesterday and today. I'm wondering if it is implantation bleeding, which would explain my BFN. We've been trying for 11 months, so I just want some hope. :)


heatherjene - November 5

I got a BFP 10-11 days after ovulation. Not exactly sure but somewhere around then.


ShoppingForTwo - November 5

Hey Jenn. I got a dark BFP 7 dpo! I was so shocked I almost feel over! It was my first time testing and I was supposed to wait more days but my symptoms were just overwhleming and I just had to know. To took one the next morning and on the day my missed period was due and all very dark BFP. The second line was so faint on my first response test that I had to call the customer service 1-800 number and they told me that my positive was so strong that it was taking away from the line that shows up to show that the test is working. Crazy huh? Twins maybe? I have an ultrsound today so I guess we will see.


BriannasMummy - November 5

Im way out of the norm.. I got my BFP at 34 dpo. I ovulated a lot later in my cycle. ~Kristin~


jenn W - November 6

I ovulated day 19 or 20 of my cycle...around there, so maybe I just needed to wait longer. I do have some spotting, so it might be af, but it's been ligh for three days now and super dark. In the back of my mind I'm praying it's implantation bleeding. I guess we'll see.


kendra.marie - November 6

i was 10 days & 14 with blood test


Deb - November 6

First pregnancy was 12 dpo, second pregnancy was 11 dpo.



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