How Many Of You Actually Had Implantation Bleeding

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loopie - January 13

How many of you had implantation bleeding before you got a positive result?


ekay - January 13

I had implantation bleeding on Jan. 3rd and got a positive at 1 a.m. on Jan. 4th. My doctor confirmed it on the 5th with hcg levels of 36. Not everyone has it though...only something like 30%.


Jo - January 13

I only had implantation bleeding with one of my pregnancies, it happened a few days after i ovulated


Lucky1 - January 13

Not me, not yet! I'm 6 weeks.


Beth - January 13

I didn't have it initially. I was positive before. Then my fiance and I were together and after I had some brownish blood discharge which may have been the initial implantion blood still in there


Jenny - January 13

I am 6 weeks and havent had it yet.


r - January 13

I never had it. If you have implementation bleeding it's usually close to ovulation right? Not weeks in to the pregnancy?


Nick - January 13

I am 8 weeks and did not have implantation bleeding.


loopie - January 13

thanks for your response : ) I'm still not sure if I'm pregnant or not but hearing your responses lets me keep my hope up. I started bleeding very lightly (I didn't need a pad or tampon) only when I wiped 2 days before AF was due and it only lasted a day and a half. the second day it was a brownish color. What do you think?


Nick - January 13

I think you could try a hpt if your past your expected period time.


jenn - January 14

I had the same type of bleeding experience with my first pregnancy. About 12 dpo, I started a brown/pinkish spotting. It only lasted a day & a half. I got a + hpt three days later. GOOD LUCK.


ann - January 14

hi! i did have some beeding at 4w n it acutally lasted for 12-13 days it was not actuall bleeding, but was just kinda spotting ........and then again at abt 11weeks i bleeded a litt bit which was red in color and i called my dr's office n the nurse said that it was implantation bleeding so i dont know how many times does the baby gets implanted? if any one knows is this normal?


racheal - January 14

I had it on dec. 4th, 2 days before I was expecting AF. I tested positive another 2 days later on the 6th. That spotting was actually the only reason I suspected pregnancy. I never spot before a period, and it had only lasted a couple of hours. From what I've read though alot of women don't experience it.


Jennifer - January 15

I had implantation bleeding that was one of the first signs that I knew I was pregnant. My girlfriends never had this though. And my doctor told me that few women experience this. Hope this helps.


m - January 19

I never had implantation bleeding with any of my pregnancies.



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