How Many People Had Spotting

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bbnumb2 - May 10

My question is how common is spotting in your first trimester. I am petrified to have any spotting. I am 6 weeks and havn't had any but my last pregnancy I did have a bit at 8 or 9 weeks and was devasted even though it all turned out to be fine. But now I swear every time I go to the bathroom I get nervous. So how many people out there spotted and was it all okay??


bbnumb2 - May 10

Oh ya and i have a permant like mild crampy feeling in my lower abdomen/lower back/ uterus area like the feeling right before i get a period. Is this normal.???


ElizabethAnn - May 10

hiya! I had spotting at about 8 weeks for a week and a half, and then it just disoppeared. I also had a lot of cramps until about 9 weeks. I had an ultra sound and everything was perfect! I'm now 12 weeks and everything is going smoothly. I dont know about permant cramps that dont go away though, i'd call your doctor just to make sure.. my cramps always came and went real fast... Never hurts to let your doctor know!! Happy Pregnancy!!!!


bbnumb2 - May 10

k, guess it's not permanant. that may have been an exaggeration:) thanks for your advice.


Jen01 - May 10

I've had spotting a lot throughout my first trimester with this pregnancy and wih my last. The last one ended in m/c, but this one I'm 14 weeks tomorrow. The doc says some women just spot.


bbnumb2 - May 10

Thanks Jen. Was the spotting any different with this then the one that you had a m/c with?? Is there any way of telling the difference?


emilymalm - May 11

I had some very light pink spotting at 6wks and again at 8. I'm 17 weeks now and everything's going fine. I was scared the rest of the first trimester and didn't feel any better until I heard the heartbeat.


AppleCake - May 11

I had a big gush of red blood- red bleeding for 6 hours afterwards- brown spotting/smudging for the next week or two. This was at 9 weeks, and for no apparent reason i.e. baby was unaffected. Now at 24 weeks everything is fine, it's as if it never happened. I still have to go check if I feel particularly wet- but I'm not as paranoid as I was. As for the cramping, I have had it really bad from day 1. My mw said probably because I have been preg before, everything is stretching out sooner. I continued to get menstrual type cramps up to about 16 weeks- then I just got Braxton Hicks instead, and I continue to get ALOT of those. It is hard when your second pregnancy feels so different from your first, you keep saying to yourself, "but it wasn't like this last time so it can't be right"..!X


bbnumb2 - May 11

Thanks alot everyone for your replies as it eases my fear a bit although until i get that u/s i don't know if it will completely ease. When is it that you can hear the heartbeat again??


mandee25 - May 11

I haven't spotted at all and tomorrow I will be 13 weeks pregnant.


SashaP - May 13

I have had cramps my entire pregnancy so far. I'm only 6w 4d and I started spotting last week after s_x and I spotted for 2 days. I went in for a u/s the next day and the baby looked fine. I was told no s_x for 12 weeks. I also started spotting again Thursday. I've been put on partial bed rest and will be having another u/s in a week and a half. They are just being very cautious since I had such a hard time conceiving.


shesdymed - May 15

omg. yesterday i was soooo worried because when i went to go use the bathroom and when i wiped myself it was a TINY TINY TINY bit of discoloring almost like if i was going to start bleeding. i tried not to panic and today i checked myself and i have no blood. i barely didnt even spot thats how light it was but i was still nervous because prior to this pregnancy i had an abortion and i get worried.


im_danielle_hi - May 15

ok i have come on to this forum cos i know most of you girls are pregnant or have been pregnant. Here goes i am not due my af till 22nd May 2006 and i am on cd 24 and 9 days after ovualtion but yesterday 23 May i started bleeding brownish blood then it turned to pinkinsh red could this be implantation bleeding ? did anyone you you ladies experience this when you were pregnant anyone who can help is much appreciated thank you



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