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Tonya2376 - January 19

This is my 1st pregnancy )other than a m/c early). I am 11 weekd today and had one ultrasound. I was wondering how often you are supposed to have them. Sorry if this sounds stupid. Because of the miscarriage I wish I could have one everyday to make sure the baby is alive!! Thanks for your help.


denimb__terfly - January 19

There is no set amount of ultrasounds in a pregnancy. Your doctor orders them based on different things.


DownbutnotOUT - January 19

with my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd I had 3 u/s's but with this pregnancy I have had 4 to date and will have another 1 at about 30 weeks due to being high risk (I had many earlier ones due to spotting and cramping).


amya - January 20

Tonya- your doctor will probably give you one around 20-22weeks(they usually do) and you can find out the s_x at that time. Other than that one, unless your pregnancy is considered(high risk) and there are complications, that should be your only one. Good luck.


JulieK - January 20

It depends on your individual pregnancy circ_mstances. I had 4 ultrasounds with my first pregnancy. The first was at about 17 weeks and they couldn't see everything they wanted to check so I had a second at 24 weeks. From that they discovered I had placenta previa, and sent me for another at 34 weeks to see if the placenta was out of the way of the cervix. It was, but the baby was measuring huge for my dates so they sent me for the fourth at 37 weeks to check his size. He was still huge, and not the next day I had a c-section. With this pregnancy I have already had one to determine how far along I am. 9 weeks 4 days.


MommyMeg07 - January 20

The standard is one, at about 20 weeks, but nowadays, it's common for them to do one very early, to find the heartbeat, one at 20 weeks, and one at the very end of your pregnancy to guess baby's weight and see the position. Good luck!


taraleej - January 20

where I come from...nova scotia canada...they do one u/s at 20 weeks unless there is a problem...good luck!!


nic - January 20

Goodness, I've had 2 already and I'm only 8 weeks. But keep in mind that I'm high risk (have already had 6 miscarriages).



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