How Many Weeks Am I Help 15 Yr Old Mom

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Amanda - November 17

Well i didn't get a pregnancy test yet but i beleive i am i am under all the sighns came off birth control 2 weeks abo and had alot of unprotected s_x. But if i could of gotten pregnant Nov11,12,or 13 th how many weeks am i beacasue i am already experiencing sighns of pregnancy the darkening of the nipples the cravings and i have to pee all the time!! please someone help i have no onand i can't ask my mom PLease


Ashlee - November 17

the best thing you can do is get a pregnancy test. If you are pregnant then take the first day of your last period, and count the weeks to the current day. The sooner you find out the easier it will be to make a decision about what you want to do, also the early stages of pegnancy are very important, your baby will appreciate being taken care of. I would not drink or smoke until you find out.Living in denial won't help you! Get a test soon!


Amanda - November 18

Thank you ashlee but do you think that since i am showing acouple sighns of pregnancy that i am???


Jana - November 18

The dates you are giving are only a week ago. If the first day of your last period was around October 30th that would make you about three weeks pregnant, if you are. But Ashlee is right, you need to take a pregnancy test. And take good care of yourself. If you are pregnant, you have some decisions to make... are you sure you can't talk to your mom?


Amanda - November 18

My mom is a cool person but right now she has alot on her mind so i guess i am waiting for the right time to tell her. yeah i thought i would be around 3-4 months. I am gonna get a test but i think i am with all the sighns i am having ane he came in me 8 times so i wouldn't doubt it and people say that once your on birth control when you stop it's easier for you to get pregnant!! I am kind of scared but excited is that wrong and if i am around 3 weeks pregnant then will i be starting to have sighns of being pregnant??? and what week will i start to show-Thanks


Jana - November 18

Well, at three weeks pregnant I was definitely having symptoms, so it is possible. But please take that pregnancy test! I'm guessing that it has been less than a month since the first day of your last menstrual cycle (?), in which case it might take a week or two more for a pregnancy test to register positive, so if you get a negative result and your symptoms continue, you will probably want to test again later. As for showing, most first-time moms don't show until the second trimester, but it is possible to show quite a bit earlier. I'm guessing you will have quite a few weeks before you'll show if you are pregnant. If you do test positive for pregnancy, it is very important to start getting prenatal care from a doctor or midwife, for your health and the health of the baby. So... you will probably want to talk to your mom pretty soon. Good luck!


Amanda - November 18

OK ty sooo much i am going to tell her soon i just want to find out first i will probally get a test today ty -Amanda


Amanda - November 18

Oh just one more thing when i tell my mom and if she wants me to get an abortion??? I know i am young but i am totally against abortion can she make me get one or is it my choice???-thanks again


Anne - November 18

You may be pregnant but as many have suggested go and get a pregnancy test. Sometimes the signs that you think that you are seeing are signs that you are purposely looking for. They may be completely normal to your bodily routine but you are just noticing them more. I would suggest finding a local planned parenthood. They are extremely accepting and supporting. If you are pregnant they will counsel you through a independent decision as well as to how you can inform you family. I know that you are worried about your mother, but as most of us in this forum we are all going to be mothers. Your mother loves you and at first may be upset, but you are her daughter regardless of anything that happens and she will love you. But contact someone asap and find out what your results are so that you can figure out the appropriate course of action best for your future. Best of luck


Anne - November 18

I don't think that she can make you have an abortion even if you are a minor. But that is something that you would want to discuss with your mom. Explain to her your moral stance. Again I would suggest planned parenthood...they helped many of my friends when I was in college to make informed decisions. Remember if you tell your mom how you feel she more than likely won't force you into anything.


Beth - November 19

Well not that I have room to talk but why come off the pill and have unprotected s_x? Ok well if you think you got pregnant on the Nov. 11,12,13 then you less than a week pregnant and maybe the symptoms are changes from coming off the pill. I had similar symptoms when I came off the pill.


ariel - December 1

Amanda i am also 15 and i think i am in the same situation you are in. i have to pee all the time i have nozhia exc.... what i sudgest is a home pregnancy test in secret you should beable to get them. if you havent told your mom about this yet, then dont tell her until you are sure you are pregnant. and if you still dont want to tell her than find some one u can rely trust. and i wish you luck. have you missed your period or are you late? then you should beable to tell, i think. i am past my time and i am worried, wish me luck.


christy - December 11

hi amanda im 19 years old and i already have a 15 month old daughter and am pregnant again i got preg. the 1st time when i was 16 and i was so sure everyone was going to be mad but when i told them they were all very excited ......i agree with you about abortion and your mom cant make you have one its your baby and your decision good luck honey


jennifer - September 21

im 15 and is two weeks and three days late on my period is their a possibility i could be pregnet?


randi - September 21

jennifer, if your two weeks late theirs a big chance your pregnant now to amanda, its harder to become pregnant after the pill to me it sounds as if your wanting to have a baby, 8 times thats not an acident for neither of you i suggest you talk to someone wether are not if you are pregnant your 15 and dont need a child at this moment. you have your whole life ahead. God bless


Katie - October 19

If i have s_x like 2 days before i get my period then i get my period is there still a chance i can get pregnant even tho i get my period?



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