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Vicky - October 6

how much would you say i would have to save to buy all my babys essentials for example cot, pram, clothes etc and how much should i keep in the bank to use when the babys born? your recomendations please :) xxxx


M - October 6

First i would say plan a baby shower it is great you will get most of the stuff you need.As for how much to put in the bank if you could i would put at least $100 in a savings account every month until baby.Goodluck and hope i helped a little.


Nicole - October 6

Not to scare you but this number scared me. They say by the time the baby is born until the time they leave for college it will cost you $300,000...that does not include college expenses, a car or extra activities. My sisters said after buying clothes, diapers and furniture it cost around $3500 not to mention if you have any medical bills. Babies are not cheap. I would save as much as possible.


N - October 6

to set up the room and get first clothes, diapers etc... it cost me $4000 but now i'm having #2 and since i got good q


N - October 6

ooops hit submit accidentally...anyway I was saying that since i got good quality items i hardly have to buy anything this time.


bean - October 6

I started pricing some stuff out and a crib (here in the States) goes for about $300. A car seat about $200. A dresser (we want to get one for many years) about $700. So basic furniture alone is $1,000. That doesn't include a stroller, diapers, clothes, bedding, etc. I imagine $2k just to outfit a nursery, but I can seriously see $4k like N said. Then once the baby comes diapers (I read 10 changes a day). Food (b___stfeed!). Plus, don't forget hospital costs that insurance may not cover. Ok, I'm having a panic attack. Better go! ahhh!!!


hi Vicky - October 6

Sounds like you are in the UK, I know showers aren't big over there and everything costs twice as much. At least you won't have medical bills to contend with. I hope some UK girls can give you more useful advice.


Ashley - October 8

Some good advice here but me and dh are hoping to keep costs down to much less. We want multiple kids, lol! Fortunatly, we are able to get some clothes from his sister, one has two girls, the other two boys. Both are done having kids, so I have my pick of their clothes. One sis gave me a changing table. We also go to garage sales. My parents saved the crib they used for all 4 of us kids and gave it to me. Yes, it is regulation, 2 and 1/4 inches or less between slats. I am not too worried about decorating a nursery all Care Bears or Fire trucks, ect. I have been told, and so has hubby, that formula is the most expensive part of raising a baby and we plan to b___stfeed and make our own baby food. We are using disposible diapers which is a convience we are willing to pay for. Some of these ideas might sound a bit drastic but I'm just hoping to give you some ideas. We are buying some new clothes and stuff, we just aren't spending 100's on them. Most clothes are good for about 3 months and then the baby is growing out of them! I really, really don't mean to sound stingy this is just another way of looking at preparing for baby and some might consider us too practical but I expect friends and family will probably get us lots of fun stuff and extras at our shower. Just my thoughts! :)


Ashley - October 8

Oh, and we are saving about $100 a month to help out on expenses we don't forsee as well, or even just diaper money. :)


Justine - October 10

I'm from the UK and I'd say you'ld need at least £500 and ideally £1,000ish for the essentials. The amount you spend really depends on your budget, you can spend up to whatever amount you like. We're just bought everything (incl. cot bed, mattress, bedding, clothes, bouncer, chest of drawers, pushchair, car seat, travel cot, sling, bath and towels, cot mobile, cot bumper etc, etc) - it came to £1,500 in total but we got exactly what we wanted and you can buy things a lot cheaper. For example our Winnie the Pooh cot bed was £250 plus £70 for the mattress from Mothercare plus bedding whereas you can get a cot for under £100 though cot beds last up until the child is 5 unlike cots which last until 1-2 years. Also our Graco travel cot was £100 (it plays music and has a vibrating mattress, toys and changer) but you can get a basic one for £30. We used Mothercare mainly as well as or If you need to get things cheapily Argos is a good place to get things, Babies R Us and Kiddicare also have some end of lines which are good value - we got our Graco pushchair/car seat from Babies R Us for £110, though it was £200 by the time you'ld addded one the accessories.



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