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redsonya - February 12

Is anybody obsessed with their weight? I am 11 weeks and have gained about 4 pounds with baby #2. That was 4 pounds a week ago at the doctor. I swear I feel like I have gained 5 more since then. My clothes aren't fitting anymore and my legs look huge! Since we are all somewhat strangers here, does anybody mind telling how much weight they have gained and how far along they are? I just want to make sure I am growing normally.


JulieK - February 12

I am 13 weeks along with my second, and I have had very bad morning sickness, so I am actually down 8 pounds from my prepregnancy weight. The baby is fine, and is actually a little ahead in size for its dates. This happened with my first pregnancy too. With that one I gained 25 pounds total in the pregnancy. I think 4 pounds in the first trimester is very normal from what I've read.


jen327 - February 12

I am 15 weeks and have gained 2 lbs.


angelinakai - February 14

I am 9 weeks and I have gained 3 lbs. I read that it's healthy to gain 5-11 lbs the first trimester.


Megan P - February 14

I have probaby gained 4 pounds and I'm 10.5 weeks along. I don't feel fat. I'm just worried about the fact that I have absolutely NO energy to exercise. I'm turning soft...... Hopefully this will change in 2nd trimester?


KristinTone - February 14

I just had my check up and have gained 3 pounds I am 16 weeks. My friend is prego too just a bit ahead of me seems to be gaining weight faster this is her second child so maybe that has something to do with it.


frozenfeet - February 14

Im the same way megan P....I don't know how much I've gained...a couple probably...but more energy is so low that I can't muster up the strength to get on the bike or pick up a weight....I really hope that this changes!


moescrilla - February 14

ahh....I have ya'll beat (which i dont consider a good thing!) I've gained 9 lbs (i havent check in a couple days though, I'm tired of stepping on the scale) I'm 11 weeks (tommorow) I gained maybe 5 pounds total with my son, so this is a shock to me, especially since after I had my son, I lost 30 pounds, then went on a diet to lose 40 more. I've gained 30 back, then got pregnant and gained 10, so I've gaind 40 back total and REALLY depressed. I hate worrying about my weight, but I'm allot happier when I'm thinner (my self esteem is allot higher, I think my face is ugly when I'm bigger) oh well, I guess If I lost it once, i can do it again.


charee - February 15

Hi all, I am 11 weeks (due sept 7th). This is my second baby, my daughter is almost 2! Anyway, before i got pregnant i was at 157. In the first 6 weeks i lost 7lbs. And in the past 4 weeks have gained the 7 back plus 1. So from the prepregnancy i have gained 1 lb but it really just feels like i have gained 8lbs in 4 weeks!!! Ahh my stomach looks so fat now. I am very much looking forward to feeling the baby move and getting a 2nd ultrasound to SEE the baby this time, and find out what it is! =) (Had an ultrasound yesterday in ER and the girl said hospital policy wouldnt allow me to look at the screen and see my baby). My daughter is excited and kisses the baby already!! Hope everyone else is doing okay with weight gain- with my first pregnancy i gained about 45lbs i think, cause i started around 150? and got right up past 200 right around 39wks. Good luck everyone, Happy Valentines!! (I am 22 today)


lqtoo - February 15

I'm 12 weeks 1 day with baby # 1, and I first lost 8 pounds, and then gained back 3.



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