How Much Weight Have You Gained At 7 Weeks

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Brooke - April 18

I am 7 weeks pregnant and I have gained about 4 lbs. Most of it is in my stomach. My pants are so tight in the waist area. I hope I haven't gained too much too fast. I don't feel like I'm eating any more than usual.


To Brooke - April 18

Your weight is just moving around. I bet your face has thinned out. If you aren't eating more than you usually do, then there is nothing that would have changed how much you've gained. A swelling belly should make you very happy. Eat lots of fruits and veggies.


Lana - April 18

Brooke- Is this your first pregnancy?I am nine weeks and i have gained 2lbs and my pants are also tight.


Alexis - April 19

I'm 7w1day and I do feel my pants alittle tighter but this is my third so that might be it. I have my first OB appt. tomorrow so I'll know if I've gained some already I'm figuring 4-6 lbs.


Amy - April 19

Hi Brooke. I am 7w today with my first and I have gained between 4-6 already. I have SO got to slow down lol.


A - April 19

Brooke, I am 7w4d. At 6w, I had gained 5 lbs, but this week, I am back down to gaining nothing. Your body keeps changing with water weight and gas build up that I woluldn't worry about it. I was very worried last week, and now this week I am fine. Go figure. haha


mpi - April 19

I'm 10 weeks already..i felt like i've gained a few pounds n i feel my tummy gettin fatter each day. haha i dont think i can wear my jeans anymore.. i stopped wearing them last week cuz i couldn't b___ton some of them up. lol


Me - April 19

I am 8 weeks and I have actually lost weight. I can't really eat anything. My stomach feels sick most of the time. I am hoping that the 2nd trimester is better and I guess then I will start gaining. Will have to see.


Totally fat - April 21

I am 8 wks. I dont remember what my pre weight was. I never checked. I wore a size 10 though. My jeans are a 31 inch waist. I just meausred my waist and my weight. 161 pnds, 138 inches. This is un real. I still have a wait on the sides. You cant see anything from behind but my stomach is HUGE. One big ball all out in front. You can even see the circle surounding the ball. I get nausea in the morning between 6-10. If I eat I feel better. I just can't eat much at once. I try to eat small meals every 2-3 hours. At 10 I had a bowl of fruit. At 12 I finishe dit. at 2 I had some crackers.I drink tea. I had milk. I feel so large but I dont eat a lot. I get SUPER hungry but then I find that once I have a bite or 5 that i can't eat anymore. Sorry for the long post. I just wanted to explain. Anyone else feel like this?


Erin - April 22

I'm only 6w 5d and I already have a huge belly. I don't know what my pre-preg. weight was either, but my waist was only 23 inches and it has totally popped out. I only have one pair of pants that I can wear because they're low-rise and stretchy. And none of my shirts are long enough to cover my belly. I was really concerned that I may have more than one baby in there, but a few friends have rea__sured me that smaller people can start to show really early. I feel like an idiot getting maternity clothes so early, but it's either that or keep wearing the same pair of pants every day.


Kelly K - April 22

I've actually lost weight. Lost 3 lbs from beginning of pregnancy until now.


karen - April 23

well ill be 8 weeks in 4 days and even though i feel gross about eating stuff and the smells of things sicken me ( including my fiance which is sooo weird) I have lost weight BUT I have seemingly gained sooo much weight in my mid section it is soo gross, im like a square!!!! gross.. dont be alarmed at least it's growing! BTW, anyone else gets grossed out smelling their significant others??:-)


jessie - April 24

kelly - i'm in your boat. i'm at 10 1/2 weeks and have actually lost weight. i have, however, had pretty bad morning sickness and so not much food has been digested. i hate being sick, but ive been informed that it will help later in preventing me from gaining unnecessary weight. we'll see...


Chris - April 25

Hi... I am 8 weeks. Not sure like alot of you what my pre-weight was. But I am b__wing up. LOL All in my stomach too. I feel silly actually cause it's so soon. I can't where any of my pants and my tops are busting at the b___tons too because my b___sts are bigger too. I do eat alot more than I did before I got pregnant. Starting to feel more nausious now so I'm slowing down and eating more snack like meals. More times a day.


Lynn - April 25

To Karen - I too have gotten grossed out smelling my hubby! When he gets up form the computer & I sit down, I can smell him on the chair -- eewww gross! I an SO unattracted to him right now & he just doesn't understand why! Even his breath really grosses me out & he doesn't have bad breath- it's just my oh so sensitive nose nowadays. I will be 9 weeks tomorrow.


C - April 25

Went to the emergency room. I am 8 wks and had swelling in my hands and stomach. I have gained 12 pnd. I started having pain in my stomach on the upper right side. Felt pressure in my pelvic area. They ran all tests and the baby was perfect (Heart beat 127 beats per minute. Really good), blood work fine, one baby not two, but I have edema. When I get up in the morning I look perfectly normal for my pregnancy stage. By the end of the evening I look 5 months.


Chris - April 25

What's edema. I look big too and I'm only 8 weeks 3 days. Baby's heart beat was 145 p/m at 8 weeks. I keep hearing myths - faster is girl/ slower is boy... and I hear vise versa... does anyone know what the myth is?



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