How Often Do You Pee Every 15 Minnuts

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DanielleV - May 10

How often go you guys pee? I do every like 15 -20 minnutes, and im not kidding. I drink alot of fluids, mainly water, but the nurse says its not normal. My urine came up normal. My br___ts have increased a cup size and Im showing, and im 8 weeks pregnant. Ive gained about 7 pounds, the home scale is way off compared to the doctores scale. I wonder if im having twins, and now im worried that I am peeing to much! What now?


vanessa - May 10

Try and relax Danielle. I'm sure that the nurse in your office is one of those "by the book" people who are gonna tell you that everything outside of normal is NOT normal. I've heard many many ladies on this forum who say they pee A LOT. It is something that varies from woman to woman and if you are drinking your 64oz. of water a day - you are going to pee a lot!! I do the same thing. Not every 15 minutes but enough that it's annoying to me. Also, I am just over 6 weeks and I have gone from a C-cup to a D-cup already. Scary. And I fully expect to look like a p___n star by the time my milk comes in. Even more scary. Try not to stress about all the changes you are going through. Some women do show very early on... some do gain weight right away. It's all ok and normal. If you think you might be having twins, ask your doctor to check your hormone levels at your next appointment.... they can tell you. Relax as best you can and take comfort that all of this is happening for a very wonderful reason. Take care.


DanielleV - May 11

Thanks so much for the comforting words. Im glad im not alone. :)


vanessa - May 11

I can a__sure you that in this forum - you are NEVER alone. There are tons of us feeling and worring about the same things. :)


kendall - May 11

you sound like me. I am 8w5d. 15 minutes is pushing it for me. Before I found out I was pregnant I was told I had an overactive bladder. I had to stop taking the medicine when I found out though. My b___st feel like watermelons and my pants don't b___ton good and I have gained 6lbs. The doctor said I should be okay.


Sis - May 12

I pee all the time, how can she say its not normal?


Kimmy - May 12

I probably pee every hour, which is frequent for me because I used to only have to go 3 or 4 times a day (more if I drank more liquid than usual that day). I am going to say that it all depends on the idividual person, as long as its not burning or hurting you (which may be a sign of UTI or bladder infection) i'm sure your fine :) good luck everyone.



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