How Soon Can The Ultrasound Show Baby

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olivia - April 26

got three light positive pregnancy tests.i have had a ultra sound three weeks after missed period. doc. said he is not seeing anything in the uterus could it be too early to detect pregnancy?


Amy - April 28

My first ultrasound was in the 7th week. We could see "the pregnancy" pretty well. My second one was in the 11th week. It is amazing how much clearer the baby was during this one. There was such a good clear profile. Our baby was moving around side to side. So cute to see! Good luck with everything. Maybe it was just a little early to see on the ultrasound. Best wishes!


jena - April 28

for sure that's too early... i don't think you can see anything until about 6 weeks - that's when we saw the sac and little black dot. i wouldn't worry at all!! good luck!


olivia - April 28

thanks alot guys this really means alot and best wishes to you too


Jenny - May 4

I am having the same problem..what happened to you? Did you find out if everything is okay?


d - May 4

i had an ultra sound at 4 weeks 2 day from my LMP and they saw an empty sac...nothing else. the dr. says it's because it's very early on.


Gina - May 4

I had my ultrasound at 6 weeks. They saw a sac. The dr said it looked perfectly normal for 6 weeks. I go back in two weeks for another one and to hopefully see the heartbeat!


Melissa - July 6

i'm having the same problem what did you come up with for a final answer if you could let me know i'd really appreciate it


Sara - July 6

You can ask for a v____al ultrasound. They did that for me because they thought i had an ectopic pregnancy and I saw it very clearly. I was about 6 weeks then, but if you're going that direction, I would a__sume you could see things much clearer that way that early.


anna - July 23

After 3 m/ in march I was scared. Went back one week later and did a v____al u/s at 6 weeks and could see a heartbeat. Hang in there and stay positive. I know it's hard. Best of luck!


vander - July 24

I saw the baby w/ heartbeat at 6w1d with a v____al u/s. They could not see the baby with a regular u/s, however.


Melissa - July 27

well we got good news, a while ago we went back in and they saw the sack starting to develop at 4 weeks and then at about 5.5 they could see the sack growing and the yolk sack starting so they thing all is good and the dr doesnt wanna see me for a month then he can give me a due date. wahoooo.



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