How Soon Can We Try Again

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deelov - February 9

last message i wrote was saying i was bleeding all weekend , went to dr, cinfirmed i had a m/ gutted...cldnt blive that wld hsppen at 7 wks. anyway soon can we start trying again ..does anybody know? i stopped bleeding 2 days husbandis off on tour to afghanistan in aprial.. hoping to get preg by then


Peachtree - February 9

Hi deelov- I'm very sorry to hear about your m/c. I have experienced one myself, and I know the sadness that comes with it. To answer your question, out of all of the reading I've done, and from advice from my midwife and doctor, you should wait until you've had at least one normal period. You say you stopped bleeding 2 days ago- just be prepared that it could start again today, tomorrow or even in a few days. It's probably still your body clearing everything out, and not a period. Once you've stopped for good, you should get a regular period within 4-6 weeks (although that can vary from person to person). After that period, figure out when you will be ovulating, and you can try then. Good luck!


ChattyKathy - February 9

It is possible to get pregnant right away and have a healthy baby (two weeks after the beginning of your m/c, just like a period), but most doctors want you to wait at least one cycle (they usually suggest three) so it'll be easier to track how far along you are. Its really up to you. As long as you both feel ready to try it again. Remember that your next period could take a while to come back.


kaisy - February 9

First let me say that I am sorry for your loss. I remember all too vividly how hard my miscarriage was. To answer your question, after my m/c, my OB advised us to try to NOT get pregnant for 3 months as the risk of a repeat m/c would be slightly higher if pregnancy occurs w/i that time. He did add that I should not worry if I happened to get pregnant though, b/c the increased risk was very small. Well, I scoffed at the idea of using contraception b/c #1 it had taken me over 2 years to get pregnant that time so what was the chance I would get pregnant again that fast, and #2 I truly wanted nothing more than to be pregnant again. As it went, I got pregnant about 1 month after my m/c, with no "period" between the m/c and the pregnancy. My OB watched me VERY carefully and I have other high risk issues, but I had a generally healthy pregnancy and my son was delivered at 36 wks.


Bellas Mom - February 9

I'm sorry for your loss too, man oh man, I'm getting so discouraged for my fellow mommies losing their babies :-( But to answer your question, my sister also conceived without having a period in between m/c and baby (against her doc's orders to wait at least one cycle) It was an accident, but she had a normal pregnancy and 2 others following that. She now has 3 beautiful girls after 4 other attempts that ended in m/c's. There is a happy ending so hang in there.


DUESEPTEMBER28TH - February 11




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