How Soon Can You Rule Out Twins

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A - March 28

Twins run in my family ( I am one). Does anyone know how soon they can rule out me having twins? Would it be at 8-10 weeks when they look for the heartbeat and make sure there is not two? Anyone had experience with this?


tiffani - March 28

It's possible to rule it out after the first ultrasound, but then again, it's possible for baby #2 to be hiding behind baby #1. When your doctor listens for the heartbeat, 2 heartbeats may be detected. Also, when your doctor measures your belly, he will be able to tell if you're growing too fast, which could indicate multiples. It should be able to be ruled out by around 15 weeks. :o)


Brooke - March 28

Are you an identical twin or a fraternal twin? Only having fraternal twins is genetic because that is when mothers have two eggs at one time. Also, I was just watching "Birth Day" and there was a woman having fraternal twins that just found out 4 weeks before she gave birth.... Whoa!


lisa - March 28

i found out with my last pregnancy that i was having twins at 5 weeks...mine are fraternal.


Heidi - March 29

I asked my doc the same question at 9.5 weeks when we heard the heartbeat. She only heard one but she said it's still too soon to tell. She said at my next appt in mid April they can rule it out. She said this is the time where the uterus will get bigger than normal and then they may be suspicious of twins and do an ultrasound. My co-worker's wife just had twins and I asked her when she found out and she said 10 weeks. She said she barely had morning sickness too.


A - March 29

I am a fraternal twin, so my chances are greater than normal. I had one miscarriage, so this is technically my second pregnancy. I know your chances go up after each pregnancy, so just thought I'd ask. I go for my appontment next week. I am about 5 weeks right now. Lisa- did the doc do an ultrasound at 5 weeks? how did they know so soon?



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