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dlove11 - November 25

hey of now i don't know exactly how far along i am..i think it might be around 4 lmp was on 9.27 but my cycles are irregular and i don't remember having unprotected s_x til about at least a month i found out i was prego in the hospital i wasn't feeling well and went to the emergency room and thats when i found out ..they took some blood and the nurse said i was very early less than 2 months but did not give me an exact going back to the doctor tomorrow and im sure their going to take more question is how long will it take to get my results on my hcg levels??...and would they be able to give me an exact number since the nurse didnt


mjvdec01 - November 25

It only takes a day or two to get the results from the blood test back, unless they put a rush on it, then they can get them same day. As far as gestational age, that can be determined by ultrasound. They take measurements and can tell from that. Your appointment is with an OB right?


DDT - November 25

I got my HCG results back the next day. The only reason I got bloodwork done because a HPT showed me I was pregnant but when I took one at the doc's office it was negative. Turns out the doc's HPT's were faulty. My HCG level came back at 235 at 4wks along. My 1st u/s was at 19wks along. I never needed a dating u/s because I was sure on the date of my LMP. If your LMP was on 9.27 then that means you are due July 3rd 2008 and are 8wks pregnant/2 months. Good luck!


dlove11 - November 25

mjvdec01 :: yes i will be going to a OB but i will not be able to go til wednesday.......DDT:: the nurse said i was less than 2 months due to my levels and i do believe that since my cycles are irregular and im sure i O'd way later than usual..and im pretty sure that i did not have unprotected s_x in october..i guess ill have to just wait and see..i'll keep you girls updated



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