How Soon Do You Start Showing With Your 3rd Pregnancy

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debbiele - March 20

Hello and welcome your my first to ask a question hope everything is well i forgot i registered to this site. Iv just come home from work. well i started showing in the first few weeks everyone noticed before me but was to polite to mention asi was diagnosed with IBS i put it down to that but found out i was a few weeks gone. I was suprised at the size of my bump as it was very early days. My first 2 pregnancies were totally different i did not show until i was around 7 months on my first and about 6 on my second but was showing at a few weeks on this one. my first 2 were boys and this one is a girl. but im carrying different again as i bloomed up straight away but now im 20 weeks i look small and im all belly and aint put weight on anywhere but have another 20weeks to go. It all depends on your build pregnancy, you cannot really say as everyones body is different and personally every pregnancy is too in my case.Im not in maternity clothes as im still in hipsters as they r below my bump and this seasons fashion is frumpy tops so im getting away with it so far. lol x i am suffering with alotof lower pain which iv been told its normal due to the body restretching but i do not feel pregnant or have movements i feel flutters but when i think its the baby i fart haha so i dont know if its wind or not. but im full of energy what about you x


sahmof3 - March 20

With my first I didn't show until about 7 months and never did get too big. With my 2nd it was at about 3 months and with my 3rd... I wasn't noticeably preggo at 8 weeks, but I couldn't wear anything that wasn't elastic-waisted... and by 12 weeks I was in full-b__wn maternity wear. By the time I was 9 months I was down to 2 outfits... I was huge!


QTinGA - March 21

That is so scary to be showing so early. I'm only 5 weeks and I have a little bump. Just my husband and I can notice - but I can't imagine 4 weeks from now. Hopefully we all can bounce back easier after the 3rd round.


linwegman - May 10

I am 10 weeks pregnant with my 3 child. With my 2nd, I started showing at about 4 months. I am a 'larger' woman, but am already showing. I have asked my husband if it's my 'fat' belly or a baby belly. My belt has to be looser, which disappointed me because I just went down 2 more! And now I am at the loosest one again!!


claire83 - May 11

im on my fourth and my third i hardly show till at least six months this time nothing yet just look a bit bloated im 13.4 weeks


missinglina - June 15

Thank you for asking this question! I had the same one. This is our 3rd pregnancy and I'm just 7 weeks and in the last few days I feel like I've ballooned. My regular panties hurt, I can only wear elastic shorts, and I went looking today for some "pre-maternity" clothes b/c if I put on those huge shirts and shorts already we'll have to tell people, and we're trying to wait 'til we hear a heartbeat. Hang in there, women. Thanks for the encouragement! --Laura A.


Lisa - June 18

I am so glad I found this website! I am 5 1/2 weeks pregnant with my third, and like most of you, I did not show until 5 mos. with my first two. Now, I already have a little pooch there, which is probably not noticeable to anyone, until I have to pee and then I look 5 months pregnant! I have actually caught people staring at my belly. I don't know if I can hide this much longer!


GloriaD - June 20

I am 28 weeks pregnant with my third and I've been wearing maternity clothes since week 10. I was so bloated in the beginning that I was the same size from week 8 through week 16 I just traded bloating in for a baby belly! It was the weirdest thing to be that bloated so early on....... good luck everyone!


sahm2alaj - June 20

i am 8 weeks 4 days today and i look bloated, but still fit into most of my clothes... except my jeans! And shirts are a little uncomfortable because of my b___bs. This is #3 for me... with #1 i suddenly 'popped' out at 6 months or so and #2 at around 5 months, but there is a 7 year age diff between them so i think my muscles weren't so relaxed. This time there will be a 2 year difference so i am sure i will be showing any day now :)


ksdinnh - June 29

I am also on my third pregnancy. My oldest just turned 2 in May and my daughter will be 1 at the end of next month. Having 3 so close together I really feel like I'm showing and I'm only 5.1 weeks! My pants are all tight already! Glad I'm not the only one!


sallymumof2 - November 12

I am 8 weeks and 3 days and I feel huge! I really wanted to not tell anyone until we were 12 weeks but it is beginning to get too obvious. I began to show at 12 weeks with my second and I can honestly say I think I was showing in this third pregnancy by 6 weeks.


RMC - November 12

It's my 4th & I'm 12 weeks and already showing pretty good. I'm not wearing maternity yet, but I definitely have a bump.


bridgetwin - November 21

I am also 5 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. I am in my regular size clothes. My two boys want my belly to get fatter. That's all they talk about. I'm sure its the size of the person and how we carry our babies! GOOD LUCK. Be Blessed!


TatiK - November 21

I am pregnant with my forth, with my third I didn't start showing until I was three months, after that I announced my pregnancy. This time I don't know how I’ll be. Yesterday I was 5 weeks and lost almost 5lb. Everyone is different, some ladies look great all through the pregnancy and others like me look good until 5 months and after that you know what happens after that ! ! ! LOL


ms. optimistik - November 23

I am 8w2d and I wasn't going to tell family until after 3months cause I just had a m/c in Sept(got pg 3 weeks later)...but at Thanksgiving dinner everyone noticed!!!! I eat like a cow and maybe gained a pound or 2, so definitely cuz I am stretched out from other 2 kids and bloated!!!!


QueenBeeMama - November 24

I am def bigger in the belly area. I "understand" that it's because I've already had 2 babies, and that is more due to bloating, indigestion, gas, digestive slow-down and bowel distension, blah, blah, blah. I think I just gave up the ghost and quite "sucking it in" once I found out I was pregnant with a big ole sigh of relief, lol! BTW, I'm 6+weeks with #3 after 2 m/c.



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