How Soon Do You Start Showing With Your 3rd Pregnancy

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QueenBeeMama - November 24

I am def bigger in the belly area. I "understand" that it's because I've already had 2 babies, and that is more due to bloating, indigestion, gas, digestive slow-down and bowel distension, blah, blah, blah. I think I just gave up the ghost and quite "sucking it in" once I found out I was pregnant with a big ole sigh of relief, lol! BTW, I'm 6+weeks with #3 after 2 m/c.


cubbie - November 25

This is my 3rd pregnancy (well 4th including mc) I'm almost 6 weeks and feel huge already and all my clothes seem to be getting tight, with my last pregnancy I was throwing up so much that I didn't show for ages as I lost weight at the beginning, but so far I've not felt nausious at all!


dixie78 - August 31

hey ladies...this is making me feel so much better as well. I am 7 wks and i just feel like I have put on!!!! I know I havent but I sure do feel like it. Congrats to all of you ladies!!!!!


ladylaker42 - September 7

These are exactly the kinds of things i was hoping to hear! I am about 6wks along in a surprise pregnancy and I hadn't planned on telling people at work until I was much farther along BUT my uniform pants are very uncomfortable already. I couldn't believe i could be "showing" already ( I understand its the bloating etc) but people that know me are looking at me...I think some already have guessed. My work will need to know soon - especially since I need to order Maternity Uniforms. Thank you all for your posts, I feel so much better knowing I'm not the only one and I'm not imagining things!


allisongemini - November 15

this is my 3rd pregnancy.. im 11 wks and feel like 4-5 people are starting to notice which sucks already as im a thick woman so i figured the baby would just grow into my already there belly maybe its just looking fuller and less flabby,lol but my first i was the healthiest even lost a few in the first trimester i feel the most unhealthy in this one probaby because my diet sucks and im eating a lot of take out/fast food (yes i knoooooow) and im a former nurse to already feeling fluttering and pokes could b gas, im gaining extra weight i dont need to because of my eating it must stop


loveourkids - December 5

I am going on #7, I start showing at about 12 weeks


thirdtimemommy - February 14

Im 12 weeks with my third!!! I have a one and two year old. I already wear some maternity clothes because my jeans do not fit anymore..


bettyboop344 - August 18

Hello ladies, I found out on Friday that I'm pregnant with my third child and I feel has though I'm going to burst has I can't fit into my size 14 bottoms anymore they are very tight, I'm 5-6 weeks and I feel that I'm further gone. Never felt this big with my last two pregnancy and I've had small babies, hope this don't mean I'm going to have a big size baby this time round.


Bettina86 - August 16

I'm 5 week on my 3rd pregnancy but look at least 5 months I think everyone is different but the more pregnancys the quicker u show xx



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