How Soon Should You Have Your First Doctor Appointment

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Callie - October 3

I'm 8 weeks pregnant and do not have an appointment with the doctor until my 11th week. Is that normal? From what I have been reading, everyone has seen the doctor much earlier.


karen - October 3

This is pretty normal. Most people who get appointments earlier do so because of complications or previous miscarriages. From what I've read/heard, doctors typically don't schedule the first appointment until 10-12 weeks. I agree it does seem odd, but for whatever reason, that seems common.


diane - October 4

my doc does 2 blood tests to watch your levels and then appts for ultrasounds at 7 weeks to hear the babys heart beat and 11 weeks to see whats inside the sacs. This is regular unless there is a problem and then he'd see us more.


Alyssa - October 4

Where I live, there are doctors that will see you at 8 weeks and then there are doctors that won't see you till you are at least 12 weeks. It all depends.


Amy - October 18

Hi. I am 7 weeks (almost 8) and I am not seeing my doctor until 10 weeks. They tell me this is standard procedure. It does seem like such a long time, but they say there's not much they can do before then. I have been taking a prenatal vitamin that I got otc since before I got pregnant though. I would suggest getting prenatal vitamins now if you haven't already. Folic acid is especially important early on. I hope your appt goes great! God bless!


Jenn - October 18

MY doctor usually doesn't sched until after 10 weeks too, but I am going to ask to be seen earlier due to a mc back in april.


Dianne - October 18

I am going to see my doctor at 9 weeks for my first appt. I had an appt at 6 weeks, but never saw the doc....I spoke to the OB nurse, and they drew blood from me for tests. At this point I still have not seen the doc. I think 11 weeks is fine. To look at it in a positive will almost be through your first trimester at that point, so you dont have to worry about all the scarry stuff the doc can tell you. At that point you will almost be in the clear as far as m/c goes. anyway, I would not worry....good luck!



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