How Soon To Wait After M C Before Trying Again

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DownbutnotOUT - May 22

I just lost my baby at 6 weeks 6 days, a week ago today. I guess I have the overwhelming sensation to get pregnant once again but I am unsure how long I have to wait. Does anyone have any advice?


PoohBear - May 22

I have never had a mc but a few of my friends have. They waited one to two periods before trying again to give their bodies a chance to heal and rest. I think its up to your body and how you feel physically and emotionally. They both now have healthy babies and I hope the same comes true for you.


Kira_lynn - May 22

I was told to wait 2 cycles. Some doctors say 3 cycles, some 1 cycle. I got pregnant after 1 cycle! I miscalculated and my cycles was actually 32 days instead of 28. I o'd early and got pregnant. I am 10weeks currently and so far so good.


DownbutnotOUT - May 27

thank you ladies I really appreciate it. Kira_lynn good luck IM sure this one will be a success for u. Take care all XoX


alexasmommy - May 27

I too lost my baby at 6 weeks and I understand how sad it is. I promise it does get better but the funny thing is is that it almost makes you obsessed with getting pregnant again. I m/c April 18th and my dr. said to try as soon as I wanted to. He said there is not a higher chance of m/c. A lot of people, including dr.'s, will debate that but it's a personal choice. I wish you the best of luck.


fara - May 28

hi..i got pregnant again after 3 cycles..i'd been trying after 1 tho...Good luck.


kelley32 - May 28

I waited 1 cycle, like the docs said, and got pregnant right away, I am now 11 weeks and so far, so good as well, Good luck to you, it will happen. XXOO


DownbutnotOUT - May 31

Thank you ladies I really appreciate it. Me and my hubby are going to try as soon as I get my period. Wish me luck!


frankschick2001 - June 1

OK< I had a miscarriage in October 2005. Many women will tell you that it is fine to start trying again right away. medically, I think it is fine not to wait. But I really don't think it is wise. I waited almost three full cycles before trying again. Also, I didn't get my period for seven weeks after the D&C. I think it is smart to wait because then the doctor can properly date the pregnancy and this avoids undue stress for the parents. Also, I was not about to get pregnant again until I was able to be around other people's babies. I felt that if I could not be around another woman's baby then I was not ready to try again. I felt this way because there are no guarantees with the second pregnancy either, so you have to be in the right place mentally. If you try again right away, get pregnant and have another miscarriage, your world of pain will be much bigger than if you had just waited and dealt with the first one properly.


Chris23 - June 1

Hi DownbutnotOUT. I am so sorry for your loss - I can relate. I was told on Sunday that I was miscarrying at 6w5d. My doctor suggested that I wait 1 cycle so that the womb has a chance to recover. I'm going to take this month to get back in shape mentally and physically and then we'll try again after the first period. Good luck and fingers crossed!


nursej - June 6

well downbutnotout, in my opinion and i read it too, wait at least until you have had 2 normal cycles again or 6 months. i had a m/c last year in october, got pregnant again in novemeber and had a m/c all over again. probably my body was not ready. so be patient it will happen again, believe me i know.


DownbutnotOUT - June 7

Thanks ladies and nurseJ, I want to get pregnant right away but I am actually having surgery on July 4. this is good because it has put me off trying to have a baby till than. I know the longre then better but the urge is overwhelming and DH wants to retry so bad.


CrystalH - June 8

I had a m/c on 12/30. I was 12 weeks, 3 days pregnant. It was devastating so I understand your loss. My doctor said that you are very fertile after a m/c so getting pregnant again is usually not the problem. However, he also said that if you get pregnant too soon your body may not be ready for it. He advised I wait for a minimum of 2 cycles and I did. I agree with another post that you really need to allow yourself time to grieve your loss. You need to be ready physically AND emotionally. I was lost at first when I lost the baby so I allowed myself to grieve. As hard as it is, please do the same for yourself. You'll know when you are emotionally ready and your body will help you to know when you are physically ready... if you listen! I know the urge to get pregnant again is huge but just wait until it is really the right time. By the way, I did get pregnant in March and am now almost 14 weeks. I wish you and your hubby the best and pray that you are able to get through this very difficult time okay. You have certainly come to the right place - there are a lot of us here who understand what you're going through! The pregnancy loss forum is great too. All the best to you


Cookie - June 9

Hi, I had an mc at 4w5d (so really early) and I got pregnant the month after (so never had another cycle) and now i'm now 13w it is possible...alot depends on whether you had a D &C if you did then your uterus needs time to heal, but in a natural miscarrige generally things are ok (or so I've been told)...normally drs tell you to wait a cycle or two 1) so they can date the pregnancy easier 2) for emotional healing...good luck and baby dust!!!


melanie-s - June 9

my dr said w/ every pregnancy there is a risk so as soon as I felt ready to try. I didn't succeed the 1st month, but I am now in my 6th wk of preg. I miscarried on feb 28, 2006



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