How To Deal Wit H My Miscarriage

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sad - November 17

i had a miscarriage about 4 months ago and i think i might be pregnant again but i don't know like the first time what to do?


Kelley - November 17

First, I'm very sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Now, what you need to do is take a home pregnancy test, and if it is positive, call a doctor. I wish you all the best and please keep us updated! Kelley


hi - November 17

I am in the same situation just further along. I was told to take things easy. Also to treat my body more delicately and try not to do very much. And of course get prenatal care asap. Take care and good luck!


m - November 17

When I had my first miscarriage, my ob doc told me to come in AS SOON as I even thought I was pregnant, so he could get blood work, etc. First call of order, see your doc. Second, take care of yourself. good luck.


Kathy - November 19

How would I know if Im having a miscarriage??????????


Vicki - November 19

Kelly, If you are having a miscarriage the cramps you feel are constant and more painful than your usual menstral pains. You will also be bleeding quite a bit of bright red blood and pa__sing tissue and/or clots. I hope this is not the case for you as I just went through it on Nov 9. :( Go to the hospital or your doctor right away. I was in the emergency and they sent me for an ultrasound where I found out that the baby's heartrate was only 64bpm and that a miscarriage was a high possiblity. Keep us posted and take care of yourself!


m - November 19

Kathy, it depends on how far along you are. An early miscarriage may feel like nothing more than a period.... or then again, it may come with quite a bit of bleeding and cramping. A miscarriage later on, from what I hear, is more severe. Bad pain/bleeding, etc. My mc's have both been early, so it wasn't much worse than a period. The 2nd time, I had quite a bit of cramping, but nothing excruciating. Look out for bright red blood (instead of brown). Sorry I'm not much help.


Vicki - November 19

m is right but I was only 6 wks along according to the u/s so I guess it depends on the person



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