How To Deal With Going To Work While Feeling Really Sick

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a brown - February 27

For those of you who feel really run down, sick and barfy, how do you deal with having to work full time? I just got m/s in the last week and it's been hard, I'm worried about being sick at work. We don't have private bathrooms and I don't have my own office. If I vomited, everyone would know, and I haven't told anyone I'm pregnant yet.


Cheryl-Lynn - February 28

I know how you feel. I'm 5 weeks pregnant and dealing with the same thing. I really love my job and my boss is great however, I don't know how she'll deal with me being pregnant becuase I've only been in my job for 6 months, but I worked for the same company for 3 years. I don't want to tell her I'm pregnant yet because my husband and I haven't told anyone yet. We want to wait until I progess a little futher. But it is tough to be so tired all day and feeling sick and having to work full time. If anyone has an suggestions on how to deal with m/s and feeling tired all day long at work please share!!


Heidi - February 28

Do you have to stand at work or what kind of job do you have? I feel for you. I'm dealing with the same thing. I have a really hard time getting up in the morning as I'm just exhausted. Then I feel sick all day. I haven't thrown up yet but it feels like I could most of the day and then in the early afternoon I start to feel run down all over again. Just when you think you see the light, it comes back. I munch on saltines, club crackers, sunflower seeds and 7 up, sprite, anything to keep my stomach at bay. I've had morning sickness for two weeks now. I'm six wks pg. I'm so fed up with feeling like this too. My boyfriend says I'm just ornary. Ha ha! I said you would be too if you're stuck sitting on the couch feeling like c___p all day long and just the thought of cooking makes you want to gag. Smells are starting to bother me too. I can't even use my regular hand lotion anymore. Makes me want to gag some days. Now my m/s is taking a twist. It's not as bad when I wake up so I have a little more energy but then it comes back in an hour or so and sort of ruins my day. I just get by at work and then I lounge all night long. It sucks. I know how you feel about the public bathrooms too. We all share one here at work and it's always occupied! I figure if I feel sick I'm just going to run out the back door. Ha ha! Good luck ladies! Maybe if you tell them you're pg with m/s, they'll make arrangements for you at work to make things a little eaiser? You never know.


Julie - February 28

I had a desk job when I was pregnant with my son and missed about a week of work. My company was very supportive and luckily I had sick time. I usually got sick early in the morning but it would taper off around 10-12 so a lot of mornings I would make it in late and then work late. If I were you I would talk to my boss I didn't have a choice in telling my company early because I was so sick maybe your boss can suggest something for you. Try eating saltines and sipping gingerale or ginger tea. Don't worry it will pa__s.


Heidi - February 28

Julie, how long did your m/s last? I feel the same way. Like I want to stay home the first couple hours and call in sick. That lasted two weeks. I feel better today. No real m/s this morning. I'm waiting for it to come back though. Yuck.


HRD - February 28

Have you considered talking to your Dr. about meds that could help? My sister kept her pregnancy a secret for a long time too with severe morning sickness. Her Dr. prescribed some safe meds to help her.


Julie - February 28

Mine lasted from 8 weeks til about 12 weeks but was really bad 8-9 weeks. It did get better. I had it every morning! Now I do with this pregnancy I am 8 weeks and it started about a week ago but it isn't as bad as with my son.


Rachel - February 28

It was really tough for me in my first trimester. If I wasn't sick or absolutely exhausted I was both! To top it off I work at Pier 1 and with all the scents floating around I had some really bad nausea. Luckily though everyone I work w/ was so great and understanding. I could take as many breaks outside as I needed and if I had to go home that wasn't a big deal at all. Just remember that it's only temporary and if you're like me you just have to get through the first trimester and you'll feel loads better. Good Luck!


Stefinnie - July 19

Ijust found out I was 4 weeks pregnant and I wouldn't really know what you should do!


Shannon - January 6

I really feel so bad for all the ones that got the morning sickness. I did not have it all & I am truly glad. But seriously if you are that sick talk to your Manager he or she should understand.. Maybe go in late or work early & leave early?? Also, Talk to your doctor.. Maybe he can releave you from work for a few days.. or so.. or maybe give you some suggestions that will help that are not listed anyhwere?? I hope your feeling better soon!!!


Cicely-LJ - January 9

There are some days I want to call in sick. Like all of last week, I had m/s all day long, I couldn't drink water without throwing up. I'm 11 wks now and when I found out I was pregnant around 5 wks, The minute I found out was the minute my m/s started (funny) I always felt tired and needed a nap each day just to function. Between the 8th and 9th week we had vacation so I had a week and a couple days off and those were the best days of my life because I slept all day long. Now that I'm back to work it's very hard coping and I take Public Transportation to work which in itself is hard because some mornings just walking makes me nauseous. I didn't want to tell people at work but I thought it best to tell my boss. Which I regret because she seems to announce it to every and anyone she came in contact with which p__sed me off. Anyway I'm trying my best to deal with it and praying each day that it will go away once the second trimester starts because if not I don't know what I'll do. The doctor even gave me medication to help with the nausea and that doesn't work.


dy - January 9

i'm a teacher, so i'm running around with my kids all day. my saving grace use to be my coffee, but that's no longer an option. my m/s was mostly nausea, so i just pack a whole bunch of snacks and take them to work with me. i thought i was finally over it, and this morning in the car i barfed all over my khakis. one hand on the steering wheel, on hand holding a barf bag. one eye on the road and the other trying to help with my aim. THIS SUCKS. but it'll all be worth it in the end. Anyhow, my advice is this, let the folks at your job know so that when you're making random runs to the bathroom they dont think you've gone insane!



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