Husband To 1st Ultrasound

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A - October 17

I'm going to have my 1st Ultrasound for our first baby today and my husband isn't going with. I am hurt by this and soooo mad. Am I overreacting? Do a lot of husbands skip out on the first ultrasound??


maya - October 17

I think he should go. I also think that one of the reasons he's not going is because he isnt really understanding what is happening to you two. My husband for example said that it was only after seeing the dot on the screen that he realized what I had said to him weeks ago meant. only after seeing the dot did he realize that we were pregnant. so maybe that is what your husband is going through.. not really getting it! MEN!!!!!!!! :)


lucy - October 17

i'm going for a scan tomorrow by myself. I feel better going on my own for some reason! I'm not planning on having him along to the 12 week one either. just doesn't seem necessary to me.


maya - October 17

I think that every woman feels differently about this.. I remember in college I took a course on behavioral psychology of children and one day we had a heated discussion about how much the man should be involved. I was the only one who was against having the man inside while i was giving birth. My reason being that it was a beautiful moment of pain that I wanted for myself and my baby. and that I didnt want to ruin Maya the female, Maya the s_xy wife image that my husband would have. (ah the girls hated my view. they thought the man should participate. but at the end it is just the way I am) anyways concerning the visits.. I had him come along.. the tears that were in his eyes, the excitement he showed when seeing this little thing and the heart.. and all that.. was so beautiful! gave him so much energy to really get us ready for this.. He's working like crazy with so much more happiness now. it was worth it.


A - October 17

I agree with you Maya, everybody feels differently about these things. I don't think he needs to go to all of the appointments, that's a waste of his time. But the big ones, like seeing the baby the first time, hearing the heartbeat and finding out the s_x....I really want him to be a part of that. This is his baby, too. We tried 4 months for this baby and now it's like I'm not even pregnant. I am just so hurt by this.


Rebecca - October 17

I just had my first one @ 11 weeks last Friday. My husband wasn't going to go but I pouted so much that he changed his mind. When the doctor handed him the u/s picture, he had a huge smile on his face and said, "Now it seems REAL!" And all weekend he kept saying, "I can't believe you have a little person growing inside there!" This is something he never said before the u/s, so it really changed his att_tude! Good luck!


Maya - October 17

So A! just pout pout pout.. :) make him come at least to the ones you want him to come. it will change his look on this thing.. he doesnt even realize is in you!!!! good luck.


STEF - October 17

I'm now 7weeks. I went to my appt a week ago. I brought my bf along for the first appt. He didn't say much until we went to that appt. once he saw the heartbeat and everything looked good now he's all about it. He's not coming again until my 20weeks to find out the s_x of the baby.


A - October 17

Well, I'm about to head off to my doctor's appt....without my husband. He knows I'm upset and he said there's no reason to be mad. Atleast I'll see the baby!


cindi - October 17

A, I'm sorry your husband won't come with you. Unfortunately, he's going to miss one of the most incredible experiences of your pregnancy-seeing his tiny one for the first time. My husband comes with me to all the ultrasounds and he loves seeing his baby getting bigger each time and kicking/moving around! If you really want him there, insist next time that he comes with you and don't give him a choice. Tell him how important this is to you, and you and the baby need to come first. If all else fails, turn on the water works or revoke some of his "privileges" (if you know what I mean!). Why should you be expected to give him what he wants, but he doesn't care about what you want! Good luck!



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