I Am 13 And Havent Had My Period In 3 Months I Need Help

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kaci - November 15

My name is Kaci, im 13 and im a cheerleader, i date alot of guys ive never had oral or s_x i am a viergin, i havent had my period in 3 months, im scared, my friends say its just really light and not noticable, then casey my b/f told me i could be like virgin mary and im scared so can someone please e-mail me [email protected] and tell me whatsgoing on with me, or tell me what to do.


Deron - November 16

Tell your Parent or guardian or see you school nurse. It happens like that sometimes when periods are just starting i experienced same in my early teens. Also you are an athlete of sorts and that might be the reason. i think you should just eat very sensibly (no over wanting to be slim or getting too big). Things will even out i'm sure But do talk to someone, if you can't wait, not your friends - an older qualified someone.


Kelley - November 16

Oh, Honey I wouldn't worry about it too much right now. You're very young and it is not uncommon for young girls not to be regular, especially since you are an athlete. Like Deron said, if you are very concerned, speak to an adult. Go to your Mom, or the nurse at school. While I don't think you should be worried, it is also something that should be checked into, just to be safe. Take care! Kelley


Karen - November 16

I had very irregular periods when I was that age too and would often skip months at a time. I don't think it is anything you have to actually worry about. I am now 33 and have tried several different methods to get "regulated" and it has never actually happened. If I were you I would tell my mom and have her take me to the doctor and see what they have to say about it. That's what I did


ashley - November 17

well your not pregnant because your are a virgin, so dont worry about that you need to tell your mother or some one that takes care of you so they can take you to the doctor and see whats going on.....


Jana - November 18

It is possible to become pregnant if you are a virgin, but only if your boyfriend's ejaculate ended up near your v____a somehow. But this doesn't happen often, and lots of teenagers have irregular periods. If I were you I would talk to your mom or the school nurse, and I hope everything gets sorted out soon for you.


kaci - November 18

yeah.......what if there just very light periods? or what if........i dont wanna tell my mom


Missy - November 19

Hi Kaci, I wouldnt worry......It is very very normal to have light periods ecspecially at such a young age. Also remember that exercise/diet/weightloss/stress can cause you to miss your periods.



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