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Ginger - March 19

Hey, my name is Ginger and I was looking for someone to talk to who was in the same boat as me... I will check back later!


Baby Tiger - March 19

Nov 18 here...my first.


leesmuffins - March 20

Due Nov. 22, my first


Sammy - March 20

My first and I am due around nov. 11th


Michelle - March 20

I'm due Nov. 17th...my first! :)


Nichole - March 20

Well "IF" I am pregnant I'd be due the 29th.. Do any of you mind telling me what your HCG levels are now? J/w thanks so much =)


kelly - March 21

Im due on the 11th Nov, just starting to feel sick and my b___bs are killing me lol :)


Ginger - March 21

This is my third child- yikes!!!


Ginger - March 21

I have not yet started to throw up but I know it is just around the corner... I got very very sick with my first two kids!


claire - March 21

I'm due on the 24th Nov. It's my first pg and I found out 2 days ago so it's still sinking in. Sooooo excited! Are you telling people yet? How are you feeling? I'm slightly nausous and sore bb but so far so good, mind you, it's early days...!!


Kristi - March 22

Due November 23rd!


ag - March 22



Mary - March 22

Ginger - congratulations, I am due in October but I know the joy of just realizing you will have a baby ... a third! How awesome :) I am trying to get my first one going and he is a strong one - he has me sick I in a way I never imagine It get ... :) Much baby glue to you!


nikki - March 22

yes! i'm due nov. 24 too, it's my second


Jasie - March 22

I know im on the wrong board but I really like talking to other pregnant woman in all stages.I really enjoy talking to 1st time mothers...I am 5 months pregnant with my 4th child. I have had 3 miscarrages and 1 etopic pregnancy. I am due on August 25th but will have my baby a week early around August 19th or 20th. Congrads to all & God Bless


Brooke - March 23

I am due November 21. After six miscarriages, a tubal pregnancy, and two major abdominal surgeries within the past 18 months. I am scared to death. Just when we gave up hope and started making plans for grad school and moving ... here we are. I am supposedly 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant ... my hcg level was 1600 yesterday and I went in for a vag us this morning ... saw gestational sac and yolk sac (but no heart activity - which is normal) ... go in in the morning for another hcg level check and also another us friday ... if you believe in prayer ...


Brooke - March 23

Oh! By the way ... I am also 36 years old with two daughters, 14 and 10 years old. I keep asking myself ... WHY NOW?!?!? I don't know what to hope for, pray for or wish for ... yes, I am very scared. If I give in and allow myself to be excited ... well, you know.



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