I Am Scared

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margie - January 30

yesterday i had one of the best days of my life seeing my baby for the first time on my ultrasound with the little flicker of its heart...i was sooo happy. now this morning i woke up and had bright red blood..enough to wear a panty liner but not a regular pad. this isn't the first time ive had spotting in this pregnancy but im sure the first time was just implantation bleeding because it was so early. i don't know how much more of this I can take of letting myself get excited then getting scared to because of things like this. this is the first time ive had actual bright red blood though, it was just brown the last time i had it. im so scared, spent the morning at home crying before i came in to work. the physicians assistant at the dr office called me back earlier asked if i had intercourse, which i had a couple days ago and she said the bleeding is probably from that but to keep an eye and if it gets worse or with pain to go to ER. now its the afternoon and im starting to feel a really mild cramping...i have never had a m/c and im scared to death but i am just going to keep praying. I have faith in this lil peanut and I could not handle being let down....


jen327 - January 30

Margie, I am not sure how far along you are but you may want to go to the ER. I am 13 weeks pregnant and was diagnosed with a Subchorionic Hematoma at 11 weeks. I also had bleeding at 6 weeks. I have been on bed rest since then until the hematoma is absorbed by my body, but it is important to find out because if you do have one you will need to rest and not lift heavy things in order to give your body time to heal. I don't mean to scare you. But I believe knowledge is power. It is also possible it is bleeding from hormones but you really shoudl get checked out. My OB said to go to the ER when i bleed bright red because it is active bleeding and it will put my mind at ease that the baby is ok. Good luck and let us know how things are going.


tk07 - January 30

hi, how far along are you? i have always heard that exams can make you spit also. did you get an internal yesterday? don't worry about mild cramps yet and don't worry too much unless you have clots. i know a girl that had bleeding about 9 weeks and she is due next month! and if you are very concerned ask to come in for another u/s and blood test to check hormone levels. good luck!


tish - January 30

oooohhhh honey, i am so sorry you are going through this right now. i don't know what to say. i have had 2m/c and i know how scarry and hard it is to go through especially when you think you might be having a m/c but your not sure yet. i will keep you in my thoughts. good luck hon.


margie - January 30

i am 8w3d today...im sure im just over stressing about this. i didn't have an internal exam or ultrasound yesterday...just a external ultrasound on my stomach. the baby was measuring at about 7 weeks, about a week behind my LMP with a hb of 120 and she said that was normal. If it gets heavier bleeding to where I have to use a regular pad or if the cramps get worse I will have no hesitation going to the ER.


ROBYN - January 30

Margie, i am in the same boat as Jen my hematoma was discovered on new years and i was freaking out and went to the hospital. I had done IVF so the a few hours later we saw the RE where they discovered a pretty large hematoma which needs to bleed out i am now 11 weeks and still bleeding with cramping and on bedrest. The baby is fine but i completely must rest. I totally agree with JEN knowledge is power matter of fact i told Jen prior to her getting diagnosed that this sounds like what i have and she did have it. So it might not be what we have but if the bleeding is getting more frequent with cramping these are also the same signs as us. Also i had clotting very small clots i was freaking but its the hematoma breaking up. This is common and i never knew about till it happened to me. But please see your doctor and demand an u/s so they can do a thorough exam. My hospital didnt pick it up they said it was a threatened miscarriage which technically it was. But... since i am 11 weeks my m/c chances are now less than 1% since the baby is moving and there is a good heartbeat. Please keep us posted and have this checked out. Good luck


margie - January 30

oh and of course I will keep everyone posted if anything changes because i know when i read a fellow mommy having some problems on here i worry and pray for them also, you have no idea how much your words on here help me, thank you so much!


Megan P - January 30

Quit worrying. It only makes things worse. If you saw your baby yesterday, that means you probably had an exam. Did you have a pelvic? I had the same thing (saw mine on the ultrasound at 7 weeks) and I bled the next day. My doctor warned me that I might because the cervix is really sensitive. No biggy. It went away. I also had spotting in the very early stages and mild cramping. Stressing out over worst possibilites of things going wrong only creates more stress. Cross those bridges when you come to them. What you focus on grows, so focus on health and calmness, not eminent disaster. You'll be fine.


margie - January 30

thank you Megan...i didn't have an internal exam yesterday just an external ultrasound but i hear what you are saying and i agree. ive read numerous accounts of women on here with bleeding for various reasons and usually things turn out ok. im just really emotional about this pregnancy for a number of reasons (my mom and dad both died last year and my mom was the one i would always go to about these type of things even before i was ever pregnant)...but ive heard so many strong women on here get through so many hard things that i know this is not a big deal at all. this is my first pregnancy and i guess i just sometimes need a little rea__surance.


Megan P - January 30

I know how you are feeling. I am very irritable right now and having to be at work all day with my nausea etc.. is hard. I'm very sorry about your parents. My twin sister told me about this site (she has a little girl who is almost 3). She was home all day alone when she was pregnant and needed people to connect with. She found it very helpful. For me, I find that I worry more if I listen to all the migh-be negatives. I have endometriosis, a higher chance of ectopic pregnancies and things going wrong and I started to freak out about that stuff. There are all sorts of things that happen, but most of the time things just work out. So, I'm trying to do myself a favor and just relax and expect that my body and baby will grow according to plan. Hope you get some peace. Don't worry too much and remember that everything is hightened right now and you'll feel every little stretch and ache etc..


angelinakai - January 30

Margie, I am so sorry that you are going thru this. It makes me want to cry for you. i've had two miscarriages and know how scary it is. i think it is great that you are praying and having faith, that's all you can do, ya know. If you heard the heartbeat and it was strong, it is probably from intercourse or something like that. I would just take it easy and not do any exercising or intercourse or anything like that for a little while. I'll pray for you too.


margie - January 31

thanks everyone so much! the bleeding has pretty much stopped except some brown blood but i still have cramping, just like pms cramps though nothing too severe...and also last night the spotting turned to brown but had bits of stuff in it (so sorry TMI!!!) like stretchy bits of skin or something which of course freaked me out more...im a__suming it may just be dried blood like a scab or something, anyone had that kind of yucky stuff with their spotting when its at the end?...because i think from what ive read from everyone that if its a m/c i will have a lot heavier bleeding and quite severe cramps so im still just waiting and trying to take everyones advice and not worry especially since just monday i saw the baby and heartbeat...i guess its normal to be scared though. im expecting the best with this pregnancy but always prepared for anything that comes my way. i have faith...thank you again everyone. angelina i appreciate your prayers so much!!! :) and megan, continue to be positive!!! that is the best way to be, i just have seen too much bad things this year and trying my very best to be positive. everyone on here has helped me a lot.


sdillon78 - January 31

Hey Margie. I am 7w4d and that same thing has happened to me actually. It was a very very little amount but I know what you are talking about it was kind of stringy....weird.... I am not to worried since I saw the baby, and "his" (can you tell I want a boy) hearbeat was 150! Anyways, I have been mildly spotting (pea size) for about 2 weeks, my doctor doesn't seem to worried either he says that it is pretty common. But seeing the baby does ease things a little and I did that on Monday so I am not so paranoid anymore! It is just hard when your first was NOTHING like your second! :-) I have a 2 yr old daughter! She is very excited that mommy has a baby in her tummy!! lol


margie - January 31

ok, good i dont feel so wierd then at least knowing someone else had the same thing..i didn't even know how to describe it! im feeling a lot better now that the blood is brown and not bright red. i am also really excited about this baby..i keep saying "she" and my boyfriend keeps referring to it as "he"..lol...but we both say that we dont care the s_x, our subconscious prehaps getting the better of us! i keep saying that this spotting and junk though is just a sign that our baby is already being stubborn just like mommy and daddy, lol


ginger6363 - January 31

margie, I also wanted you know that I had a stringy brown clot-thingy once a couple of days after an orgasm. It wasn't much but I was definitely concerned. This incident was about a week before I had my first u/s. Since I saw the baby and h/b at that u/s I am a__suming all is well. Try not to stress, I am sure all is well!


jessicaspatherapist - January 31

margie, i've had red blood on and off since 7 weeks, i'm now 14w5d.....i had no pain or cramping with my bleeding just like you.....my docs are not concerned at all because usually i have the bleeding 2 days after intercourse or right after a bowel movement. do NOT freak out...lol....i know its hard not to, i was hysterical the first time i saw red blood.....our cervix's are just very sensitive during pregnancy and they tend to bleed (as do your v____al walls).



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