I Am Showing And Don T Feel Any Streach Or Anything

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needhelp - May 17

hi, girls this is my first preg. but i had one missc. in 2003 and now i am in 8week and my belly is little ball but i don't feel any strech or pain in my stomach i am very scared. I don't know is it normal or not. do we feel the strech in every preg.I can not wear my regural jeans. but the stomach shape is constant. plz help me


Heidi - May 18

At 8 weeks I didn't even notice I was pg yet. But at around 10 wks my hips started getting a little wider. I could wear my regular jeans all the up to like 15 wks. Then I had to bump up a couple sizes or switch to stretchy Levis. I didn't start feeling any real stretching until the 2nd trimester. Then I felt it the most after I'd eat a big meal. Don't worry about it. I'm sure everything is just fine. Your jeans probably don't fit because your hips are getting bigger. My stomach didn't start really coming out till around 15 wks. I still don't look pg if I wear loose shirts. If anything my a__s is bigger!!!! Your lower back sort of shifts to bear the weight change and that's when I noticed my b___t looked bigger!


Gina - May 18

Hi, I am 8 weeks but have prior children. My clothes are tight. I look like I gained 20 pds but only gained 5 so far. Most women I dont think fit into their jeans until 15 weeks. Heidi I am jealous! I feel a little stretching just the last couple of days. Dont worry about stretching. The baby is still so small right now. What is your due date? Mine is Dec. 27th.


needhelp - May 18

thanks to both of u !! i am just nervous may be because i lost my first baby.I am too scared and think soooooooooo much about this preg..My husband always says don't think so much but i can not controll myself. My big day is in dec.This is also true that i gained weight and my b___bs are quite heavy.keep in touch ..........................plz



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