I Am So Big

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flower.momma - May 5

Okay, I know everyone is different, but I'm only 9 weeks along, and already people are giving me the "knowing look". This is my second pregnancy, and in my first my stomach got very large, but not like this! I know a girl who is 20 weeks along with her second, and already I'm bigger than her. I'm already wearing maternity clothes. I am pet_te otherwise, and my digestion is very regular with no gas or stomach upsets. I'm thinking twins? But I don't have my first appointment for another 2 weeks. Anyone else going through this?


singlem0m - May 5

I'm afraid I'm not going through it hun but it sounds like it could possibly be twins :) hehe Or I have known some women that get big right away with there 2nd, 3rd, etc but then they don't get any bigger for the next few months after that.


kellie - May 6

When my mom had my brother, she was wearing maternity clothes before her doctor could even confirm her pregnancy. He was the second child, so I guess you just start showing earlier after the first baby stretches everything out!


HannahBaby - May 6

While it is true that you should an average of 2-4 weeks earlier with subsequent pregnancies, at 9 weeks your baby is barely the size of a grape. You are bloated hon. even with twins you would not be much bigger at 9 weeks then a singleton. I am 17 weeks with my 2nd and will say that i am bigger than with my first. I looked a little preggy at about 12 weeks but knew that it was bloating.


Hana - May 6

Honey, i put on 19 pounds by week 15 and i was in maternity clothes by 8-10 weeks. This is my first pregnancy. I know it sucks but my midwife had told me i'd even out. Well im almost 19 weeks and i stopped putting on weight and I am actually evening out. So don't dispare, your not alone...i feel your pain!


flower.momma - May 6

Thank you all for your responses. I know part of it could be bloating, but I don't really feel ga__sy or bloated. I also know that some of it could be water weight, but not that much has acc_mulated in other areas. I'm thinking it may be because my daughter is only 16 months old, and my body is still kind of stretched out. I'm also secretely hoping for twins. I want three children, and my husband only wants two, so if it was twins I wouldn't have to worry about convincing him to have another one in a couple of years. Hehe.


HannahBaby - May 6

My daughter was 12 months when i got pregnant.


CrystalH - May 8

I started getting a belly at 6 weeks! I am now 9 wks, 1 day and have to wear maternity clothes (pants) or very stretchy pants. All my pre-preg pants are way too uncomfortable. You can look at me and know I'm pregnant. My b___bs have also grown a size already!!! I can't believe it because I already have a huge chest. I am a pet_te person (wear size 4-6) and I was pregnant up through early Jan (I miscarried). My doctor (I had an appt at 7 weeks b/c of the m/c) told me this is completely normal for people who have recently been pregnant and for those on their 2nd (or more) pregnancy. I also thought twins but on the u/s we saw just one. The reason you can show so early is that your stomach muscles and everything else is stretched out from your first pregnancy. I'm sure this is the reason for you especially since you just had a baby 16 months ago. It's weird though so I can relate! Everyone thinks I'm way farther along than I am!


Tasha - bump - May 10

oh wow i am soooo glad to hear i am not the only one i thought i was carrying a horse!! i dont know exactly how far gone i am but i think i am only 5- 6 weeks and boy am i huge i look about three and a half months and i already need maternity clothes!!!


ninaatk - May 14

I'm Huge too! Im 11 weeks and People know Im pregnant, It doesnt help that up until 4 days ago all I could eat was c___p and Ive been so tired that I had to stop running everyday. But I am so pumped to have this cute little belly!!! I figure now that Im feeling better it should even out I can start excersizing again and eating better, thank godness!


flower.momma - May 14

Yes, it is so nice to know women out there who are big already. I know that we are not just "bloated", as some people like to think, although I'm sure that is part of the problem. I was so discouraged when I heard that, because I do not feel bloated at all. And believe me, I would know because at the beginning I was vey bloated and it was painful. I am not overweight and so I was discouraged at first, thinking I was just getting fat. But now, when I look at and feel my belly I think, "this is just how I looked and felt at 4 months last time." It is weird, but at least I no longer have to worry about that period of time when I am too small to look pregnant, and just feel fat. Also, ninaatk, I know what you mean about feeling normal again. My nausea and fatigue is starting to let up already, I'm feeling good. At least I have a belly to remind me that I'm pregnant.


cangirl - May 14

i know actually how you ladies feel i am 11 weeks preg andlook four months infact i have complete strangers tell me that all the time when i tell them i am due in november they look and funny and then say no really when are you due


sara b - May 14

I know how it goes. With my daughter I started wearing scrubs like the nurses wear to just be comfy. Everyone (even my doctor) thought twins. I may have had a vanished twin but by the time I reached the second trimester my stomach stopped popping out and I started expanding more in my waist. Then when I reached the third I looked like I swallowed a globe (maybe two!!! LOL.) It'll even out and if its twins you'd better let us know!!! Best wishes.


ninaatk - May 15

Hey there Flower.momma Im glad to hear that your feeling better about being big, at first I didn't know what to think either but now I just know that whatever weight I gain I will loose after (Im usually really active) and it wont be to hard as I plan to b___st feed. People can say whatever they want but when that little baby comes out and it has 10 fingers and 10 toes your going to forget about every extra pound you gained because nothing else is going to matter as much as this little life you created!


flower.momma - May 15

I know what you mean. With my last pregnancy, I gained 45 lbs. But the weird part was, it was all stomach, maybe a little bit in the back end, but not much. I lost all of it within 3 months just by b___st-feeding and taking walks. Then, at 4 months, I was below my pre-pregnancy weight and back at my high school weight. Everyone is different, and from the way the pregnancy is going I know I will probably gain as much as last time, even though I'm not eating any more food than before. It just seems like my body holds on to every little calorie when I'm preggers, whether I'm exercising or not. Oh well, at least my size seems to be evening out now, I haven't grown too much in the last few weeks, which is nice



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