I Am So Worried

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Tiffany - May 3

I am 5 weeks pregnant and my first beta #'s on day 16 were 76. Two days later day 18 they were only 102. Now 22 days past ovulation they are 188. I know these numbers are low. My doctor says says not to worry it is still really early and they are going up but I am so nervous. I don't have any cramping or spotting. I am peeing all the time and my br___ts are super sensitive. Any thoughts from anyone? My first ultrasound is scheduled for this monday.


jena - May 4

are you sure that you are 5 weeks? unless you were really charting and following ovulation, you could have ovulated late and not be as far as you think, which could be a good thing...


me - May 4

i am also 5 weeks... and my 1st hcg test was only 17! and 3 days later it only went up to 52. i'm getting another test on monday. the dr said don't worry right now... hope that helps you. i had a sonogram on monday and they only saw a sac...no baby... she also said not to worry about that either because it's so early.


Tiffany - May 4

Every bit of info right now helps. I'm not exactly sure how far along I am. They have told me five weeks based on my last menstrual period. This is my first pregnancy and I just don't know what is normal or not.


jena - May 4

Tiffany, based on the dates from my LMP, my pregnancy was failing. But they did an u/s at what "should have been" 8 weeks and I was only 6w1d - healthy with twins. Saw the hearbeats at 6 weeks and again at 8 weeks. So, you could have ovulated late. I went through so much, getting blood tests 5 times in two weeks before they were comfortable with my levels increasing and my doctor returned from vacation and saw me rigth away. If your doctor says not to worry, then believe him because they are doing the right thing with scheduling a u/s. I would bet that you aren't as far along and that's why your levels are low. Everything worked out great for me in the end (well, beginning - I'm now 9.5 weeks) and this is my first pregnancy too so I know how hard it is to not know what's going on. Good luck!!


Tiffany - May 4

Thanks Jena for your story. It makes me feel better. By the way congratulations on your twins! How exciting. It's sooooo nerve racking always having to wait, especially when you have no idea what to expect.


jena - May 5

i know... your wait will be long until Monday just because of anticipation, but I hope that everything goes really well! keep us updated :)


aimeedaniella - May 5

if i were to calculate by my last lmp then i would technically be 5.2 weeks today but since i know for sure when I concieve which was late in my cycle due to late ovulation i really have only been pregnant for 3 weeks now. there is no way to be precise this early. these beginning stages vary from person to person I would just wait and not worry. Everything changes week to week


Tiffany - May 5

Thanks for all the advice. I will let you know what happens on Monday.


Tiffany - May 10

Well I went to the doctor yesterday and during the ultrasound they said that I was not showing what they would want to see for someone 6 weeks along.. The nurse said that she saw either a sac that was about 2 weeks along, a pseudo sac, or possible something abnormal on my left side. That completly freaked me out because that didn't really give me any info. They did my hcg again, I was expecting it to go down from 188 but now it was 677. I am so confused, they are taking my blood again tomorrow. They say that it is possible that I ovulated later than they had originally thought or it may not be viable. I am so scared and the waiting is making me a nervous wreak. I still don't have any spotting or cramps. Anybody have any advice?


jena - May 10

oh that is horrible to leave you with such little info. that is great news about your hcg, though. so if you ovulated late, like, the day before your period, then how far along would you be? how late are you? doctors always say to take it easy, and one last week told me that they say that but don't really know if it works - they just know that as doctors they want to feel like they are doing something good. i personally think that taking it easy, resting, and sleeping can only be good for a growing baby. and prayer! when i thought i was going to miscarry i heard "something's wrong with it" and "it's not meant to be" but that didn't help me at all! I think it's important to prepare yourself for the worst but hope for the best. be cautiously optimistic. that's how i was for a few weeks. good luck and let us know your new #s when you get them back! take care and rest up! :)


Tiffany - May 10

Jena, I will let you know tomorrow what the numbers are. You are right I just need to relax and stay cautiously optimistic. How are you and your twins doing?


Tiffany - May 11

So the numbers just keep getting more confusing. Todays numbers were 855. They are still going up but very slowly. I have another appointment on Friday the Dr. is going to examine me, take more blood and do another ultrasound. This is all making me so nervous. I wish I just knew already. Anyone hear of anything like this with a positive end?


jena - May 11

hey tiffany, i'm sorry that your numbers didn't jump like you'd obviously want them to. good news is that they are rising. how was there in between the 600 & 800 level tests? i'm doing well - but pudgy. i feel like the pillsbury dough boy. you have a great doctor to be giving you another u/s - hopefully you will be able to see something on there on Friday, but you are still really early along, so don't stress if you still can't see anything. How many days late are you for your period?


Tiffany - May 12

I am 19 days late ( I was getting my period about every 30-32 days), Since we conceived naturally I'm not sure when I ovulated. There were 2 days inbetween 677 and 855 so I am hoping to at least be at 100 on Friday so wse can se something more concrete on the ultrasound. My b___bs are actually growing and I still pee all the time. I am just trying to stay positive and hope for a miracle. I just wonder with numbers rising so slow is there any chance it's a healthy pregnancy? By the way I'm sure you don't look like the dough boy =). You probably look great and have pregnant woman glow!!


jena - May 12

well, if it makes you feel any better, when I was 9 days late my hcg was 2, and at 11 days late it was 12. Then, let's see, 17 days late 214 and 19 days late 649. So I was doubling (tripling - now we know why!) but it was still pretty dang low - so hang in there and hope for the best. good luck!


Tiffany - May 14

So I went to the doctor yesterday they said again that there was nothing in the uterus. They took blood but told me that I would have to come back that afternoon to get a shot to get rid of it. They expected that the numbers were either going to go down or only go up a bit. In the afternoon I got the call that my # had gone from 855 to 1473. Doc. told me that is was ectopic and to come get the shot. I was just about to get it when my mom called my cell phone and told me to stop! SHe had called a specialist that she had seen one of the top in Los Angeles and had told him my situation he said not to get the shot. He said it wazs to soon and that I may have ovulated later and that if that was the case you may not see anything yet. I went and saw him early this morning and he did another ultrasound. He doesn't want to get my hopes up but he said he saw what might be the start of the sac. Unlike the other doctor he did see something. So the saga continues. I am going to see yet another doctor on monday to get another HCG and ultrasound. According to the doc todaymy # would need to be at least 2500 and wse should definetly be able to see something by 2000. He said 50% of women can be seen at 1000 and 100% can be seen by 2000. I am going crazy with all this back and forth. My husband and I were supposed to leave tomorrow for a 7 day cruise and I just had to cancel it. I am ready for some closure. The doctor today said it's a 20% chance viable. Not very high but not totally over. If it's not viable I just hope they see something in my uterus and it's not ectopic. Soooooo I wait.



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