I Am Worried And Need Some Opinions

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Tina_Lena - March 4

I am 10 weeks pregnant, yesterday, at work I started having a serious amount of va___al bleeding, so I went to the er. I had an ultrasound and they saw no heartbeat, and my baby measured out to be a mere 8 weeks. I wanted to know if any one out there has went through this before, and what IU should expect when I see my doctor tomorrow. The baby is still in me, they said my doc will decide what to do...Is it wierd for me to hope that a heartbeat miraculously appears tomorrow?


Krissy25 - March 4

It's not weird, i think anyone in your position would be hopeful, but i'll be honest it doesn't sound too promising. I'm not sure what the doctor is going to do for sure, probably another ultrasound and maybe some blood work but your doctor will probably talk to you about your options if in fact you are having a miscarriage. He might recomend a d&c which is a surgical procedure where they put you to sleep and go in and suction everything out or he might ask you if you want to try and pa__s the baby naturally. There are benefits and disadvantages to both. i so hope that a miracal happens for you, losing a baby is so hard and no one deserves to go through that pain. Good luck tomorrow.


MissP - March 4

Hi Tina-lena, im so sorry for what your going through. I hate to say this, but it sounds like you are miscarrying. If there is no heartbeat and the baby is measuring 2 wks smaller then it is likely what is happening. I know because the same thing happened to me in october except i found out at 12wks and the baby had no heartbeat and measured only 8wks4days. Its heartbreaking and it will be awful, but you will get through it. I wish that there could be some miracle that theyve made a mistake. When you know for sure it is a mc dont despair, there is a wonderfull board on here under pregnancy loss that will really help you get through this, it helped me and still helps me. You can ask any questions and be as angry or upset as you like and women whove been through it will help you. I trust you get some answers soon and until then you will be in my thoughts x x


joleenb - March 5

hi tina, when i had my m/c i had no bleeding. i had an u/s at 7w1d and the h/b was very low, i went back 3 days later and the h/b was gone. it was a devastating moment, i completely fell apart. the dr talked to me about my options, d&c, pa__s naturally or take a medicine. i opted for the medicine. it was probably the most painful experience i have ever had to go through but it does eventually get better. just know that there is nothing you could do or did do to make this happen, sometimes it's just not in your plans at the moment. had i carried my baby to term i would have been 6m pregnant in my wedding dress and worried about travelling overseas for my honeymoon. we are now 6w5d and it seems to be going differently and seems to be "the right time" this time around. stay strong, there's tons of women on here to talk to! i'll keep you in my thoughts.



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