I Can T Stop Worrying That I Am Going To Miscarry

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Allison - October 3

I am 5 weeks PG and people we have told, ask if I am happy. I am not. I am so nervous that something is going to happen that it is all I can think about. Every weird pain in my body I think is something bad. How do I deal with this?


g - October 3

Have you had a misscaraige before? I have at 12 weeks in'98,got pregnant 9 months later and i was so scared. I wrote in a journal to God daily and prayed and did my best during the pregnanacy and now my daughter is 5 years old!.Now i'm 13 weeks and i almost lost this one at 6 weeks and i am so scared to. I have heard the more you stress the worse problems it can cause. I have alot of lower stomach pain and pelvic pain so yeah i'm trippen. But just eat and drink rite, get the proper amount of rest and start reading more about stuff you enjoy. I also am going trough a ton of other stress but i'm not giving up!My little girl keeps me busy to!Check with you DR of your concerns, good luck. Talking to someone about it helps!Thats why i joine this forum-i feel it helps me out more!


Tiffany - October 3

Allison I know EXACTLY hoy you feel. I lost my first baby 6 months ago and am so scared that i am going to lose this one. I pray everynight that i will be able to have this one. Just try not to stress alot (its hard i know) I am just so happy that i am pregnant again. I told myself that it wouldnt be fair to this baby if i was as excited as i was the first time. I am just taking it day by day.


stef - October 3

I'm 6weeks and 3days today. yes everyday i do worry if somthing is going to happen but on the same note i have to relax b/c stress is the #1 killer. I know some cramping is normal. I do thank god each day that i get to keep this pregnancy. So far i guess its ok, i don't have my first appt till oct 11th so you know i'm nervous to see the heartbeat until then. I was told trust your body it will tell you if somthing bad is about to happen. i know it sounds weird but i do believe that. this is my first time being pregnant and i've been trying for awhile. my bf seems to think everything will be ok and some how i have to trust him until i hear otherwise. try to take your mind off of sometimes.


missy - October 3

I know it's easier said than done, but try not to worry about it so much. This is my second pregnancy and I had some cramping with both early on and its a sign that your uteris is growing. Unfortunatley if you were to have a miscarraige there is nothing you can do about it. So try to enjoy it b/c this is such an amazing experience!! Good luck to you and god bless!!!


js - October 4

I lost 4 and am pregnant again. You can't keep worrying about losing the baby. Honestly, it's pointless. What's going to happen, will happen and there isn't a darn thing you can do about it. All of those twinges and pings are normal. Cramps are normal. You need to retrain your brain into thinking that these things are a good sign and stop the worry. Know this - worrying puts stress on yourself and your baby. Not good. Be positive - lord knows, if I can do it after losing 4, anyone can :) Keep the faith!


Janice - October 4

Allison i understand how you feel. I have had 2 miscarriages and i am currently pregnant at 11 weeks. I am constantly worried and stressing that i might have another miscarriage. I feel lucky in this pregnancy as i seem to take better care of myself. I am constantly checking if my nipples are hurting still, asking doctors for extra ultrasound and you name it. It is understandable to get worried during pregnancy i suppose.



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