I Don T Quot Feel Quot Preggers

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Punkin - February 14

I had to go to the reg. Dr. today and I told him I just found out (AF not even due until the 16th) and I just didn't "feel" like anything, I was really nervous b/c it took so long to get prego this time, so he drew blood for a HCG? and said he would call me with the numbers? What is this and what are the numbers going to mean? He said he really can't believe it came up pos. this early (6 days before I expected AF) is this an early result, and should I worry, I was soooooo sick with DD, soooooo sick, have any of your pregnancy differed so much? Sorry so many ?'s gettin them all out of my system, ramblings of a nervous pregnant girl!! Thanks!


frozenfeet - February 14

don't fret punkin! He wants to see what your hcg levels are (this is the hormone released when you are pregnant)...the numbers don't necessarily mean anything but more importantly, they should be doubleing ever 24-38 hrs...and that's what he wants to see. Where it is so early before your AF...he wants to see how high your numbers are...this is a good thing to have done. GL


ChattyKathy - February 14

Six days before AF, no wonder you don't feel any symptoms, hun. Most symptoms don't show up until the week you're in now or maybe later. I didn't get my m/s until I was around 6 weeks pregnant. And yes, that is actually a very early result. First response says they will detect a pregnancy five days before, but I tested two days before my missed AF and it said negative although I was pregnant. Some women just test positive right away, though. And remember, sometimes women's bodies just switch up how they are going to handle the hormones. So, even if you end up not developing m/s this time thats still perfectly normal.


Punkin - February 15

Thanks for putting my mind at ease girls. For some reason I just have a larger worry this time around! Dr. is supposed to call me today with the results, so today we make up Valentine's partys we missed at school and try to keep our mind off of the "wait game"!


diem - February 15

My doc said that doubling time is usually between 48 and 72 hours for hcg. However, it is common to see it double quicker. Mine right now are doubling at 30 hours and she says that's EXCELLENT. Congrats on the pregnancy. I don't really feel pregnant either. I have a bit of cramping not much. And currently I have some days when I'm a bit tired and others where I feel completely normal. Symptoms may start slower for you this time around. They may also come and go. This time around for me my chest is BARELY sore. Last few times it was unbearable. Try to enjoy your new pg.



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