I Don T Know If I Can Handle This Much Longer

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frankschick2001 - May 18

I am having such terrible nausea. It's so bad. For two weeks, it was just nausea without throwing up, and now the throwing up has started too. I am almost 9 weeks. I feel awful and guilty for feeling so bad. I cannot seem to get happy about this pregnancy that I wanted so so badly (I had a miscarraige in October) because of constantly feeling like I have a temnial illness. The m/s is with me from the minute I get up and usually gets much worse at around 4pm, lasting until I go to sleep. I tried every suggested remedy and am at a loss. I don't know hwo I can get through this.


SuzieQ - May 18

You poor thing! I know you've said you've tried everything - have you tried upping your B6 vitamins? Also, talk to your doc. My doctor gave me a perscription for morning sickness - he advised that there is simply no need to feel that bad when there are safe medications to take. I ended up not needing them thankfully, but maybe you should try them.


emilymalm - May 18

I'm sorry you're feeling so badly. Have you tried ginger tea? I had all-day sicness from week 4-12 and started peuking at week 9. From what I've read, weeks 9 and 10 can be the worst since that's when hormone levels peak. I felt like it was never going to end, but it did! Starting week 11, I had good days and bad days, and by week 12, only one or two bad days. Week 13 I felft great. I'd talk to your doc too. I just used herbal stuff like ginger tea with lemon and honey and also peppermint tea. I also constantly ate crackers or just something to keep my stomach from getting empty. Hang in there.


frankschick2001 - May 18

Hi, yes, I spoke to the doctor. He is totally reluctant to give me medication unless I am unable to keep food and liquids down or become dehydrated. That is not happening, but I did lose weight since this started, which he says is fine and not something to worry about in and of itself. He keeps trying to rea__sure me that it's just something that will be temporary and that is part of pregnancy. I understand that, but how does a person go on with daily life? Work is miserable, I've missed 5 days because of this so far. I've tried the ginger teas (2 different kinds). No relief. I've tried arm bands too (no relief). I've eaten so many crackers, that just thinking of biting into one makes me gag. The only way I can deal with it is to sleep, which I have been doing a lot of, which is also why I think I feel so depressed. I cannot clean or do things around the house. I just come home from work and lay down for the rest of the night. I feel useless and have never personally known any pregnant women to react this way to m/s. Most women deal with it so bravely and here I am in tears all the time because I can't handle it anymore.


voilet06 - May 18

Hey Frankschick2001, i feel for you, i am at week 8 and feeling like c___p all day long ! i have thrown up a few times and that always seems to help me! but idon;t want to make myself do it - my dr said that if it gets really bad and you can;t take it then take half a gravol! i know its not recommended but man did it help! I have got a precription for m/s too but it doesn;t do anything! all i can say is try that! bug your dr too, they should be able to help us! i know though that alot of people have said stay away from meds but sometimes just for a few days its fine! the better you feel the better then baby will too! I really know what you are going throw though! take care!


JESS1980 - May 18

Hang in there frankschick! Believe me, I KNOW how BAD m/s can be! I had it non-stop until 19 weeks. BUT, it DOES get better! I promise! The first few weeks I had m/s, I was MISERABLE! I thought it would never go away. And even though I was VERY glad to be pregnant, it was almost impossible to be happy. So, it's perfectly normal that you feel that way! Eventually the nausea will ease up! And when it does, you'll have LOTS of wonderful things to enjoy about your pregnancy.....like the baby kicking & moving, fixing up the nursery, having your ultrasounds, etc... So, it's okay if you don't feel good or happy now....there's PLENTY of time for you to enjoy your pregnancy. Right now just focus on taking care of yourself. (Also, while I was having morning sickness, I stopped taking my prenatal vitamins and started taking Flintsone vitamins. That helped A LOT. The prenatal vitamins were giving me too much Iron, which was cause a large part of my nausea. But talk to your doctor before you decide to do anything). Good Luck!


voilet06 - May 18

I am on the flinestone vitamins too! they are great!


singlem0m - May 18

Frankschick, I totally feel your pain. I had to go to the emergency room and they were able to give me a prescription and it has made life SO MUCH easier. Don't suffer through this if you don't have too, definitely talk to your dr.



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