I Don T Really Feel Pregnant Could Something Be Wrong

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sally - March 5

According to my doctor I am now in my third month of pregnancy. I really haven't experienced many pregnancy symptoms. My face has broken out in acne ( which I never had before) and I am noticeably tired. No morning sickness or other symptoms and I haven't gained a pound yet. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


ekay - March 5

I am almost 12 weeks with my third baby and I don't feel pregnant at all either. I think some women just don't feel it!


katie - March 5

This is my second child. My first is now 11! According to the calender I should be 8 weeks on monday. I also don't feel pregnant. That was the same thing I wanted to know. I am worried that there is something wrong or that I have miscarried even though I have had no signs of it.


lyn - March 5

I am 11 wks and feel like a normal person......concider it a blessing..I am


kashi - March 5

just wait until the baby starts kicking your guts! or you can't tie your shoelaces, get out of bed, get up from sitting on the floor, etc. without the help of others because you have this belly which is like carrying a backpack to the front! then - believe me - the pregnant feeling will catch up with you for sure, hehe :)


sally - March 5

Katie, i was kind of worried too that i may have had a miscarriage and not known about it...i guess even though symptoms are definately not fun.. it would give me a little rea__surance if I had some.


Naomi - March 5

Me too, I felt pregnant 2 weeks before I was due, had a positive test and now no symptoms apart from eating more, and feeling a little bit sick here and there. I worry if I am going to lose it, or am I just lucky not to feel realy sick, Guess a positive does not bring any less stress. Now all I want is to be in my 9th month so I don't have to wait anylonger. This year is going to drag for me...


Kim - March 6

I feel the same way as all of you. I am still only and will start my 7th week tomorrow and so maybe symptoms are still to come. I have sore b___sts and I am hungry all of the time but that is about it. As much as I know that I am probably lucky right now, I would still like some rea__surance that things are okay. My first u/s isn't even for 3 weeks!


Emily - March 7

Thank God I am not the only one! I am 12 weeks and besides being tired and having to pee all the time I feel fine. You almost want to gain a belly or throw up just to feel like your pregnant. It really disturbs my mom because she was hopeing for some morning sickness revenge!


Lisa - March 7

I know what you mean. I'm 7+4 and have mild nausea but nothing much and i'm not peeing any more than usual - is this normal??


Lori - March 8

This is my first pregnancy, I'm 10 1/2 weeks now and I have not had any morning sickness. I have had b___st tenderness and am tired a lot but other than that I don't even really feel like I'm pregnant. I had an ultrasound done March 1st and the baby looked great! the baby was already very active and growing perfectly. I even heard the heartbeat and everything was normal. So don't worry too much about not feeling pregnant, go with your gut, you know when your body is changing. Even though I don't really feel pregnant, I know I am because my body is changing.



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