I Don T Want To Work Anymore

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Stephanie - March 15

I am now 10 weeks tomorrow and working is harder and harder everyday!! Even though I feel much better with everyday that passes I just want to pack up and forget all these reports! Does everyone feel this way?? I'm really looking at other possibilities but the money just is not the same! Any good advise??


D - March 15

I'm afraid I don't have any advice... I feel the same way! :-( Someone on this site suggested medical transcription, and I'm thinking about it.


Stephanie - March 15

What is medical transcription??


Janey - March 15

Yes, I feel the same way too... I am 10 1/2 weeks and I am looking into other possibilities too, but can't find anything legit. I plan to stay home after the baby and that is going to be hard on me and my husband, but it is something that we really want. I am sorry I don't have any advice, I am looking for some myself!


Stephanie - March 15

Thanks for the info. I looked at it but it looks as if I'll need a yr of school before anything. Did you go to school??


D - March 15

No, I've not been to school for transcription (I have my degree in a largely unrelated field) - it really depends on the area. In my current job, one of my many responsibilities is typesetting the job descriptions... so, I did some snooping.... in our particular hospital, they do not require any certification at all. Of course, if you have it, you're more likely to get hired! Where I live happens to be one of the least educated popluations in the US, something like 4% have had schooling past high school.... it helps my chances! I'd looked into transcription years ago when I lived in California, and I found in that state it is much more difficult to get hired without certification. Unless I can come up with a better and/or easier option, I may try to pursue this!


Stephanie - March 15

Thanks for the tips!! I do live in Southern California and my options are therefore very limited. I live just about a 1/2 hour East of Pasadena and my current career is Property Management. Right now I'm kinda in a good spot making good money and I am the Community Manager so I can bring baby with me but only until he wants to explore and needs much TLC. Thats why Im stuck. I don't want to go to school anymore unless I do daycare but I want to do my own thing. I think its all wishful thinking but I'd still like to try!!!


D - March 15

I agree about not wanting to do more schooling - at least at this point in my life. But if I have to for a "small" certification, I'll look into some distance learning cla__ses.... The local community college system in our area teaches all sorts of cla__ses that are internet based... by that I mean, you log on to go to cla__s. We'll just have to see how desperate I get!


CMR - March 15

I agree with you and i dont know what to tell you but I can tell you I talked to My boss about getting a LOA until after I have my baby and he wouldnt approve me until after I havve done been at my Job for over a yr. and that really sucks


Kim - March 15

I hear you, girls! I am in pharmaceutical sales and I drive over 1000 miles a week because I have a really big territory in So. CA. I like my job but it's no fun when I am so tired and sitting in CA traffic at night. I make a good living doing this job and I have been saving as much as I can now so that I can be a stay at home mom next year. My husband is in the same field and works as a manager for a different company. It wouldn't be feasible for me to keep my job since I wouln't want to be hours away at a call somewhere if something happened to the baby at home. Plus, the cost of FT day care is pretty high. I may try to jobshare with another rep on my team who is ttc and that would allow me to work PT. If not, I was going to look into a home based position as well. I'll let you know if I come up with anything.


Heidi - March 16

There are quick courses for medical transcription and medical billing. You probably will have a very hard time getting in if you have no experience. I took a course at a tech school for a year and had to take a transcription test just to get an interview at Mayo Clinic so some are very fussy and require testing with little or no errors. I know they have on line courses at some colleges for this so check into it. I'll say it's not an easy job but it pays good and is great if you can do it from home! Lots of clinic and hospital are doing this now. Medical billing is another good at home job.


Mary - March 16

Stephanie, I am not sure what you specialize in , but have you tried a contracting firl like Robert Half? You can get temporary postions and part time positions there for decent money, are you into accounting at all?


Stephanie - March 23

Thank yOu lots of great advise!! I still don't know what to do but I have been in the field of property mgmt. for the last your leasing apartments to Low Income Senior Citizens through a wonderful Gov't Program. I am a Property Manager. I have been thinking more and more and am leaning towards working for Senior Citizens. Driving , Cleaning, Shopping, ETC...


To Mary - March 23

I have not done to much in the way of accounting but I have Managed the above it could'nt be too different please tell me more.


nix - March 23

I know it's hard to work while pregnant. But an idea for after your baby is born is a dayhome. I couldn't think about leaving my first child when my maternity leave ran out, so now i run a dayhome, you can make really decent money, have alot of your home expenses written off and spend as much time with your wonderful baby as you'd like. As long as you can handle kids. Now that i'm pregnant with my second, it's great because if i feel tired or sick, i can sit when i need to, nap when they nap, eat when i'm hungry, go for walks if i feel like it, and i can always refer children to other caregivers if the workload gets to be too much. Good luck on whatever you decide.


Stephanie - March 23

Thanx Nix I have thought of that too even though Steve doesnt like it. We own our home and hes afraid of liability even though thats what Ive ultimately wanted to do! I have to thank you b/c you have really great advice. You also gave me advise on filing for custody of my 2 older children. ~Steph



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