I Don T Want To Worry You Guys But PLEASE READ

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ErinBriana - November 2

Two Wednesdays ago I started to have very light brown discharge, which eventually turned reddish, then eventually mucousy. I ended up going to Urgent Care last Saturday where they did an ultrasound and they said they did see the baby with a heartbeat, which is kind of shocking because I did end up losing it. I went to my reg doctor on this last Monday (2 days after Urgent Care said there was a heartbeat) and had an ultrasound only to find out my baby had died a couple of weeks prior. I had to have a D&C done since my cervix hadn't dilated at all. I am speechless- the exact words of the doctor in Urgent Care was "I can see the four chambers of it's heart and it's definitely beating." So I asked her what the heartrate was (since it was low at my six week ultrasound), but since this ultrasound machine was new (and no one had been trained on it yet), she couldn't give me that info. I asked her if I could see my baby, which she supposedly showed me, although it looked funny to me, then disappeared, so she said it probably moved because it was sick of her pushing on it. Besides losing the baby, what really bothers me is the fact that they had a machine in the ER that no one was trained on and I was the first "guinea pig" I guess you could say for this doctor. The regular ultrasound machine that was normally used in the ER was available AND the OB was open at the time (since I went during urgent care hours). What would you do if this happened to you? I called the hospital today to file a complaint, mainly so this doesn't happen to someone else and am waiting to hear from them...Also, I hope everyone else's pregnancy is successful because I wouldn't wish this feeling on anyone. Just make sure you guys don't let anyone unless people that know what you're doing use equipment that they know how to use on you because no one needs to get false hopes or false information.


Julymommy2b - November 3

I am so sorry to hear this. If I were you, I would do more than just file a complaint. What they did was wrong. I can't imagine being told there is a heartbeat and then finding out they made a mistake. The first time I heard the heartbeat, I felt such a sense of relief, as do most pregnant women. I am so very sorry for your loss. Fighting will not reverse what happened, but it can potentially save other women from having to go through what you had to endure. You are in my prayers.


ChattyKathy - November 3

Definitely file that complaint! There are so many things about what they did and said to you that just don't seem right to me. You didn't deserve this and no one else should have to go through it either. I'm so sorry for your loss and experience!


anfmom - November 3

omy gosh! i am so sorry. i hate er. they dont know anything and they are very rude!


jennifer_33106 - November 4

Actually I found out at my last u/s that the u/s techs are NOT allowed to give you any information on the baby! They are supposed to say "talk to your doc" There is a rule on it as they are not properly trained. I have to have another u/s at 24 weeks (not that i mind) because 1) the u/s tech messed up and 2) she worried me by telling me my baby was measuring small and my doc who is awesome wants to show me everything is fine. I am so sorry this happened to you but like the other girls said, file a complaint!


ErinBriana - November 4

Thanks so much for your feedback. This situation is getting a little easier to deal with, although I wished I could've started grieving when it actually happened, or maybe even a couple of days sooner. I'll still be checking up on here every once in awhile to see how everyone is doing, at least that way I can enjoy it through other people. Thanks again.


needsomebabydust76 - November 5

I am very sorry for your loss. I work in healthcare administration and my suggestion to you (in addition to filing a written complaint with the hospital) is to contact your State's Department of Health (or similar name), and/or JCAHO (The Joint Commission).


needsomebabydust76 - November 5

I clicked submit by accident... Sorry! I've participated in the "Go-Live" of various healthcare products & software & equipment, but this does not happen until staff are educated in its use. There should always be a resource person available (working on every shift, or available for on-call support) who can answer staff questions regarding ANY system or piece of equipment an emergency department uses.


ErinBriana - November 5

Thanks for your input- I started looking for medical malpractice attorneys today, just in case, maybe they can help me since I've never dealt with this kind of situation before. That's a good idea though to contact my state's dept. of health- I really don't want this to happen to someone else. I'm just hoping I don't end up with an infection since the baby was in me for so long after it died, then the D&C and being a high-risk pregnancy.



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