I Got My Beta Results

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MrsShelton217 - March 1

Dr. Office called this morning and said that my beta levels were 1498. That is equivalant to about 4.5 weeks. I was 4weeks and 3 days according to last period at the time of the blood work. My question is... With a beta of 1498 would you have been able to see a gestational sac with an abdominal ultrasound?


Krissy25 - March 1

Probably not I had an ultrasound and my levels were at 5000 and they tried abdominal 1st but couldn't see anything then went to v____al. I don't know why they are doing an abdominal at 4.5 weeks. I'm not even sure how much they can see with an v____al that early on. Remember they are looking for something that is is about 1mm in length, very, very small. The good news is that your blood work seems to indicate that you are as far along as you should be. I think everything is fine, give it another week then they might see something.


CaseyB - March 1

I agree with Krissy. My dr. wouldn't do an ultrasound until my levels were over 5,000 and it ws a v____al ultrasound which are much more accurate in early pregnancy. Are they going to do a second HCG test to see if it doubles?


MrsShelton217 - March 1

I go tomorrow for another beta... but i wont have the results until monday. I go for another ultrasound next wednesday. I will be 5w3d pregnant. I just found some very rea__sring info on dr. spock . com. It says that EVEN witha v____al ultrasound you normally will not see anything until beta levels pa__s 2000.


jessicaspatherapist - March 1

mrs. shelton, i think your doctor has you worrying way too much. if he really wanted to at least TRY to see the sac he should've done a v____al ultrasound. I have a fibroid that's about 1 inch and they can't even see that with an abdominal ultrasound and that was before i was even pregnant! and your baby is no where near an inch long yet. hopefully you can have your mind put to ease on wednesday and maybe switch docs.



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