I Guess Im Not Preg But 1 And A Half Months Late

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Jill531 - November 15

Well, to my conclusion my blood test is negative. I dont understand why I would be over a month late, I have been on time with my cycles , at least a day late. I thought I felt preg...but my doc said it could be a late cycle and I am feeling my Af coming. Though I dont understand why the home test said positive. My doc says it could of just been an error, I may have waited to long or too much urine. I am very confused, does this happen alot, no af for a month? ?


HeatherIsHopeful - November 15

if you are worried about a period that late.. talk to your doc about it... the blood test says you arent pregnantand they are rarely if ever wrong. I would say see a gyn and check for cysts or something that is wrong with your "woman parts" good luck!


nola-gal - November 15

i haven't had a period since sept 8. did blood test on oct 23, it was negative. took a home test on nov. 5, it was positive, then the doc confirmed with a blood test on monday the 12th. we will have no idea how far i am until the ultrasound in a couple weeks. i say go take another home test. our bodies are CRAZY!


HeatherIsHopeful - November 15

thats interesting nola-gal I had no idea... when in doubt always treat it as a pregnancy... don't wanna think you arent pregnant and binge drink and smoke and all that then find out you are pregnant and feel guilty. good luck Jill. let us know how it goes.


sterlinberlin05 - November 15

I had a friend who was pregnant for almost 4 months before the doctor was like hmm lets try an ultrasound if your that sure because all her blood work was neg too.


BriannasMummy - November 16

It sounds as though you may have skipped a month. Somtimes a womans body has to kind of renew itself and you dont ovulate that month.. it happens to MOST women in fact. Sounds as though that could be your issue. Nola: I think you also had a non ovulating month and then the next month you got pregnant. Im sure an u/s will confirm that. I had something kind of like that.. I ovulated 2 weeks late.. and it took me forever to get a BFP. Now im 23 weeks and there is no doubt theres a baby in there. ~Kristin~


HeatherIsHopeful - November 16

Sterlinberlin05... 4months and didnt even know it!!! thats crazy... who did her pregnancy turn out?? wow thats crazy. Jill, have you found anything out yet? gotten AF yet? anything? keep us posted girly.


lillybug - November 16

I used to go two to three months without a AF. A lot of time the home test and the blood test are different results, the same happened to me mother when she was pregnant with me. She found out at two months after three blood test and many home test



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