I Had An Ultrasound Today At 6 Weeks

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JF - February 17

This morning I went for my first checkup and since my last pregnancy ended in m/c at 8 weeks she did an ultrasound to make sure this pregnancy was progressing normally. The baby measured 6 weeks one day and we could see it fluttering around in the sac. I am still a nervous wreck but it was great to see the baby. I go back in 2 weeks for my first real appt. and will have another one.


DD - February 17

I had my first ultrasound yesterday. 5w6d. We really couldn't see much of anything! I'll be glad when I can see a bit more!


Shon - February 17

So when is your due date? and when was conception. I'm also 6 weeks and I had a ultrasound to but the ultra sound and the Lmp date didn't match. I wonder why


JF - February 17

Due date is Oct. 12th and I believe conception was Jan. 19th.


DD - February 17

My LMP date and Ultrasound date were different by 2 days. I think its because you don't always necessarily ovulate on the exact day you are "supposed to." I don't suppose that every baby grows at -exactly- the same rate either!


marie - February 17

the lmp and ultrasound measurement should be different. they say it can be 3 days off, so as long as it is within 3 days of when you think you ovulated you are ok. the measurement is not presice.


Amber - February 22

I am 6 wks 3 days today. I had originally found out I was pregnant on Feb. 8, went for first u/s ob the 16 and found an empty yolk sac, did hcg levels 2698 on Wed. and 4589 on Fri. I had some spotting yesterday, called the dr and had u/s this morning. Found a baby with a heartbeat of 97. The tech acted as if there was something wrong with this and kept telling me good luck.Does anyone know if this is bad or what it might mean?


JF - February 22

I don't know if it good or bad this is a question for a professional. Try not to worry. good luck


Jane - April 22

How did it turn out? Was the baby ok?



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