I Had Wine On The 13th And 14th Day Day After Conception

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sagarwal - November 23

I am really worried, and also thinking of an abortion, since I read soo much on the internet about the negative effects of alchohol on the fetus. My husband is very unhappy about my decision, and I am scared to have a baby with mental defects. Please advice


jessie - November 23

don't be silly! it happens to everyone all the time. even, my doctor says a berr or gla__s of wine here and there are fine, it is drinking heavily especially over a long period of time that is really bad. enjoy your pregnancy and do not worry!


Chris1975 - November 23

I totally agree with Jessie. Most women dont even konw their pregnant and have had a few drinks in those first few weeks. i still have a gla__s of wine every few months (im 25 wks) when at a wedding or special occa__sion! (its warm and flat by the time i finish it as i make it last LOL)... I think the problem is more when you habitually drink or drink to get tipsy/drunk as anything you feel, the baby will feel tenfold being a lot smaller! Please dont get an abortion over something like this. Speak with your doctor and im sure they will make you feel better.


hioannidis - November 23

SAGARWAl, the girls are right. Most women don't even know they are pregnant till they are 6 weeks, by this time they've been drinking and smoking. 13 days after conception, your baby may not even have a heartbeat yet, at that stage they are still mostly cells. I conceived in Aruba while on vacation, I had no idea I was pregnant, I was drinking like a fish. I'm not even worried. Like the other ladies said, it's when you drink constantly throughout your pregnancy and it's all going to the baby, that's when things could go wrong.


newlywed0915 - November 26

Two pieces of advice!!!!!!!!!!!! 1) Drink more wine! The Europeans are FAR from mentally disabled. 2) DON"T BELIEVE ANYTHING FROM THE INTERNET BEFORE YOU CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR! My OB told me that all these new ideas out are inconclusive and aren't something we need to worry ourselves about. I asked him about Listeria and all those food prohibitations that are on the internet for pregnant women and he advised me to eat and drink what I want in moderation and not to believe the internet. Lol! So keep your child! I'm sure your baby is just more relaxed! PLUS, wine is an anitoxidant! I know a gal who had a rum and coke everyday of her pregnancy (not that I'd do it) but her baby is just great!


nola-gal - November 26

my doc said that a little bit in the beginning is fine. i had a little bit too, because i had no idea i was pg. remember, our parents had no idea that it was bad to drink, smoke, etc. and we turned out fine! my sister partied it up and cinqo de mayo and jazz fest (we're in new orleans) and my nephew is totally perfect! everyone has a little bit at the start. DO NOT get an abortion for that reason. good luck!



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