I HATE Prenatal Vitamins

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nik - February 13

My vitamins seem to be causing me all my problems. First of all the thought of swallowing a horse pill makes me gag. But, the worst part is they completely back me up. I hardly ever poop anymore. Also it takes forever for my food to digest. It seems like everything just sits in my stomach. Its so hard for me to eat and have an apet_te when I put the food in and it never comes out. What specific vitamin in these pills does this to me? Do I really have to take them until I have the baby and finish br___tfeeding? Im only 10weeks. Anyone else like this?


little_snowball - February 13

i was constipated before the vitamins. try benifiber, it helps me.


Lil Lady - February 13

Honestly you don't have to take prenatal vitamins. As long as you're taking some type of multi-vitamin, along with folic acid as an extra, you will be fine. For me, since they taste nasty, are big horse pills & back me up as well, I prefer to take the Flintstones Gummy's. But if I can handle it, I'll take women's one a day. I also take Vitamin C tablets to help boost my immune system. Flintstone's Gummy's taste really good! My kids love em!


angel1017 - February 13

I take two flinstones complete vitamins and folic acid everyday at the same time. the folic acid is very small and the flinstones vitamins are chewable. I have not felt sick from it at all. I would never be able to take those horse pills so I am so happy I can take the flinstone ones. good luck


Hana - February 13

Hiya, for those ladies who are taking complete mutli-vitamins, are you sure they dont contain vitamin A? I heard its very bad for the baby.


iakram - February 13

Hi Nik, I know how you feel with the whole digestion thing. I've noticed that it's actually gotten better as the weeks are going by. I take my materna just before I go to sleep which helps with digestion. Just drink lots of water and try eating a variety of fruits. Good Luck


Beija Rene - February 13

Nik, iron is causing your constipation. To avoid constipation eat plenty of fiber. Fruits and vegetables are a great source of fiber. If you do not like your pre-natal vitamins ask your doctor for other options. Good luck!!!


Betul - February 13

slowed down digestion and constipation is normal during pregnancy. Progestrone causes the digestive system to slow down so that the maximum amount of energy,vitamins and minerals can be extracted for the baby (placenta too). Same reason as to why the bowels slow down too and you become constipated. High fiber diet, water, fruit, can do a lot to alleviate constipation.


^lucy^ - February 14

i didnt have to take my prenatal vitamins until i started my second tri.. during my first my dr gave me folic acid tablets and thats it.. im glad i didnt need to get my prenatal vitamins before that cz they really make me sick and taste bad so i know what ur talking about.. speak to ur doctor maybe they would do something about it


Twangebird - March 16

Walmart carries a prenantal vitamin called One Source where you take two small caplets instead of one giant horse bill. The coating on the pill is tasteless.


Steph - March 16

Be aware that being pregnant is also what is causing your constipation, not necessarily your prenatal vitamins. Being pregnant slows down your digestive tract and your body does not break food down as easily.


AmyF - March 16

I was taking that prenatal brand until my first visit with the Dr. She said you need to get 1mg of Folic Acid per day, so if you chose to take those, take a folic acid supplement on the side :)



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