I Have A Job Interview Should I Mention I M Pregnant

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flipthea - February 14

Should i mention I'm pregnant? If not when is the proper time to tell? I have this job interview this Fri and I really want to get this job, at the same time I don't want to be deceitful. I know it's illegal to disriminate on someone who's pregnant. Please advise asap.


ginger6363 - February 14

You are not obligated to tell, so don't feel pressured. I know discrimination is illegal, but that doesn't mean they won't choose an equally qualified, nonpregnant woman over you. I think you should see if you can get the job first, then worry about telling later.


preggoplease - February 14

I have the same problem, I went to an interview last week and I got the job. But I decided not to tell them. I will tell them once I start in 2 weeks. So I think you will be fine holding off on telling them. I really do think that if I would have told them they would have chose someone else. But good luck!


Tammy276 - February 14

I wouldn't say anything to them...you are not obligated to. Yes, it is illegal to discriminate against someone who is pregnant, but that doesn't mean they still won't do it. They will just say, Oh, someone more qualified applied. I had an interview after I had found out I was pregnant and didn't tell them until after I got the job....34 weeks preggo and still working there.


flipthea - February 14

I read online that I should at least mention it when I get the job offer. So i think I'm gonna do just that. I'm 13 weeks pregnant I need to show them my value as a worker and not think of me as a pregnant woman now, right? Tammy276 - is ur boss ok with it? Are ur co-workers treating u differently after they found out? Was there any ill feelings?


Lia - February 14

I wouldn't tell them at the interview. I would wait to see if I got the job. If you get it (I hope you do) then I would decided how and when to tell them.


Tammy276 - February 14

Once they offer you the job, you can tell them......they can't take back their offer because you are pregnant....I would even wait until a week or two after you start the job to say something. You don't have to tell them, just as you don't have to tell them if you have any children already, it is actually illegal for employers to ask you if you have children. No, there are no ill feelings towards me at my job and my co-workers don't treat my any differently...I mean now that I am 34 weeks pregnant I get treated differently just because there are things I can't do and my co-workers want to make sure that I'm not straining my self, but they didn't treat me any differently after finding out.


MNMOM - February 14

Hell no don't tell them. It is illegal but hard to prove if they do discriminate. If it comes down to you and another equally qualified candidate, your condition will be in the back of their mind and they will subconsciously choose the other! I just went through the same scenario and didn't tell and got the job.


Melissa32179 - February 15

I have a similar question. I want to change jobs too and there is a great opening. I am 16 weeks pregnant and could get away with not telling because I can still chose clothes that would cover it. My question is what about Maternity leave. Are any of you still getting it. I would rather stay here at my current job and get my maternity leave then not get leave at all and possibly have to quit the new job. I'm sorry did that make ANY sense???


kim00 - February 15

I just went through this same thing. I didn't tell at the interview, I got the job. Three weeks into working, I started bleeding, and I'm on bedrest now. My boss was furious with me, because I didn't "notify her in a timely manner". So they fired me. I probably should have told her at the interview, but who can predict the future. Best of luck.


flipthea - February 15

Melissa ---- I'm not sure about ur situation. I haven't been on maternity leave before. If u are less than 1 yr at a job u are not guaranteed of a maternity leave, that's what I was informed. I mean u can still take a leave but u probably won't get any disability pay(that's how they do it at my work). I don't qualify for maternity leave or disability pay anyway at my job bec. by the time the baby's born, it's still gonna be less than 1 yr since I've worked there. Kim00== i think that was illegal that u got fired bec. u didn't tell. U weren't obligated to tell. Maybe u could have mentioned it at the job offer conversation? But it's done now so u can't do anything about it. I still think it's illegal what ur boss did. How are u coping with this? So my interview is tomorrow, actually I have 2 job interviews tomorrow.


Allisonc79 - February 16

Kim, first off sorry too hear your not well and on bedrest. But what your employer did, that is terrible! That is soooo not cool, first of all they can't fire you because you chose not to tell them you are pregnant. only after just 3 weeks. That doesn't even sound legal to me. I would speak with a lawyer, you can itleast consult with one. That makes me mad just hearing about that.



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