I Have A Wedding To Go To Help

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Shannon - April 15

I am 10 weeks pregnant and not really showing except for a little belly. I still have not told everyone aside from family and close friends. i have a wedding to go tomorrow night and all my dress are tight on the waist and I would just look fat! What's the best type of dress to hide a small belly and should I not be wearing anything too tight on my stomach (like control top pantyhose???) Please Help


shannon - April 15

Anyone-I need to go get something to wear today! thanks


KC - April 15

i'd like to know the answer to control top pantyhose also?


Heidi - April 15

Can you find a two piece type dress with an elastic waistband? Try not to drink a lot of water the day before so you're not bloated. At 10 wks I was not showing but when I was bloated I did a lot. Not to be gross, but I was also constipated a lot and that made me look bloated for a few days. Control tops might help a little. Try a loose sun dress that's not tight in the tummy area. Or just tell everyone ya gained a few lbs and usually they won't second guess anything. That's all I look like at 13 weeks is that I gained a few lbs.


to Heidi - April 15

thanks so much-I am bloated too and I think my pre natal vitamins have made me constipated also-so I know what you went through! thanks for the advice and Good luck


Liz - April 15

ANy a-line or empire waist dress. Also tunic tops are really "in" and w/ a pair of dreesy pants or capris should help to hide. Have fun and good luck!


Heidi - April 15

Try taking some metamucil a day or so before the wedding so you're not constipated. I swear to you that my stomach shrinks when I do this. My doc said to take it every two or three days because of the constipation and bloating I'm experiencing. After nature takes it's course, I feel thin as ever and not all bloated and stretched out and my jeans fit nice and loose. I know I won't get away with this much longer though. LOL!!!! Try the metamucil or eat a lot of fiber so you can sort of flush your system before the wedding day. You'll feel more comfortable in your dress. Sorry to be graphic, but it's all so true!


lilmum - April 15

i am actually getting married myself this month and will be 10 weeks when i do. I got myself a dress that sinches up underneath the b___sts (gotta make use of these new puppies some how). It's very beautiful and hides my belly well. I think it's pretty much ok to wear anything you want as long as your comfortable. If it pinches or is just too constricting, find something else, you'll be wearing that sucker for a few hours and if you plan to eat in that time, look out! Good luck shannon.



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