I Have Seen The Heartbeat But The Embryo Is Only 5 Mm

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angelisa - May 23

I had a scan today and I was so so happy to see a little fast heartbeat!It was so beautiful!But the foetus is only 5 mm and as the doctor thought I was 7 weeks said it is small but maybe, he said, the dates are wrong and I could be 6 weeks...he is not sure!I had my last period on the 3rd Apr but I didn't have it before that for 4 months and It has been like this for the last couple of years so..I think it could be!!But I am so so scared!!!!!Anybody can help?Thanbk you for listening


kimholl28 - May 23

If you went 4 months without a period and then concieved on the very next cycle then it is very posible that you ovulated a week or so later then most women do. Dr's alway date a pregnancy going by a 28 day cycle, which you obviously don't have. Try to relax, if there are problems the last thing you need is to sit around stressing. Wishing you a healthy 9 months!


Cookie - May 25

hi, i had a chemical pregnancy in february, then endeded up conceiving in March...by my lmp I am 11 weeks but my first ultrasound at 6w.4d measured my baby at 5w5d...my dr. wasn't worried, I tend to ovulate later in my cycle...I just went in on monday which was 10w4d by lmp and 9w5d last u/s..and the baby looks great, bouncing all over and really active...so breath a sigh of relief you've seen th little guy, and enjoy your pregnancy...baby dust!!


buffy2297 - May 26

I'm slightly confused as to how far you're supposed to be. If you had a strong heart beat and your supposed to be more then you may have ovulated late. Hope all goes well. Good luck


pixiejovo - May 27

I wouldnt worry. I have my '12 week scan' but I suspected the dates were wrong and the sonographer said it was 9 weeks and 4 days which seemed more accurate (I thought maybe 10 weeks). The size was only 30mm and she said it was fine! They vary!



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